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Ninja Bio

Name: Woo Jakusha


Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5'10

Age: 19

Rank: Chunin

Masteries: Weapons Master

Family: Jakusha Clan

Place of Birth: Hidden Sand Village

Place of Residence: Hidden Sand Village



Born in the sand village and trained from a young age by the Jakusha clan. Grandson of the previous leader Furui. Refusing to rely solely on the clan Woo teamed up with two other people he met in sand and worked with them until he could afford his first katana. The whole time when he wasn’t with his group he spent it honing his skills for when he was with them. When Woo turned 15 years old he came across a nice swordsman that corrected a few flaws in the stance he was using. All of this had only lead to one thing and that was the deep seeded feeling of wanting to protect the village he grew up in and loves so much.




One day when training at the clan grounds he noticed a particular loud mouthed fire user that was constantly training with a smile on his face. Deciding to ignore the distraction and focus on his own training he never noticed that the loud mouthed fire user was walking over until it was too late. Turning to speak to his cousin Woo heard of a tale the whole clan knew, the founder of the clan Ren had been a user of the fire element and swords. Woo listened to the slightly erratic blabbering of Kiwi until he offered his hand, taking it with a smile the two were finally introduced. Kiwi kept going on about Ren and how the two of them combined could be way stronger then some old man in the stories. Agreeing with him Woo decided to accept the offer to team up and train together, the two have been inseparable since. Rank in the clan never mattered to Woo so he never bothered to ask why the leader went out of his way to talk with him and ask to be his partner. Instead he just enjoyed the company and worked together with him, both of them having the same mindset. They wanted to become legends.