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Age: 18

Height: 6'

Weight: 168 lbs.

Clan: Himitsu

Village: Leaf

Affiliation: Neo-Akatsuki

Mastery: All

S-Ranked Ninja

Personality: Ruthless, Blood thirsty 

Titles: Booty Gang Lieutenant & The Blue Plague


I’m tired of fckers on Nin telling me, always in the discord, Booty Gang ain’t bout this, Booty Gang ain’t bout that My boy a Akatsuki on fckin Lamron and them He, he they say that niba don’t be putting in no work SHUT THE FCK UP! Y'all nibas ain’t know sht All ya mother'fckers talk about Booty Gang ain’t no hitta Booty Gang ain’t this Booty Gang a fake SHUT THE FCK UP Y'all don’t live with that niba Y'all know that niba got caught with 3 subs soloing leafies and sht Niba been a missing since fckin, I don’t know when! Mother'fckers stop fckin' playin' him like that Them nibas savages out there If I catch another mother'fcker talking sweet about Booty I’m fcking beating they ass! I’m not fcking playing no more You know those nibas role with Jun and them...
..Uh yuh, the  Booty Gang Captain
Man's an assassin,
Niqas be actin'
His sword so attracting
With GF - attacking
To nerfs, he adapting
In CS, one-tapping,
Leafies he clappin'
While one hand is napping
Do it with fashion
Nin Online
Nin Offline
Blow your mind
No punchline
No fine wine
6-seconds rap, vine
Breaking a spine
in a short time
so I can shine
At half past nine
A mission assigned
when stars align
I'ma make her mine
Ah shit, fucc that
That was pretty gay
and I'm sad to say
Deathmall is Hokage, as of today
That shit is so cray
Like Mavis said, "They will pay"
On this beat, I'ma slay
Droppin' bombs like Deidara, with no clay
And like Kayle, I'm into the fray
Irelia, my blade's at your service
I'm getting quite nervous
Atrane is a clown, and Leaf is the circus
Booty gang, Booty gang, Booty gang, Booty gang, Booty gang.
That pink afro smooth
Slap out a tooth
I'm spitting the truth
keeping it real
making Leaf kneel
no limits, no seal
With me, you can't deal
Cook ya for meal
Leafies better keep that seatbelt tucked
Say "cheese" for the pic, I'll end it with "cucked."

MostBountyPersonal.png.bf6c5fbfa3233d8c344006af249fa41c.pngMeShisseiandYUKIIII.png.47c46f3b1b20f34ba0c0a028f2c8f362.pngItachiGotCucked.png.d1afe123d1b8688723c807217366355e.pngtresgotcuuuuuucked.png.52f005ed75a0534275a3455a1ab1359f.pngunknown.pngScreenshot_14.png.095792f669d9a9cd7a2aaba1fc18331e.pngOriax.pngBootyGANGCAPTTTTTTAIN.png.1dff4eee91a1236c50e5284257373fe4.png8acc1dc723585ee8591b0c4a6b0696ca.png934947639f76fae7c390fc847f042a1f.png7e89ea7386091be9b7e8d27fe6f61b3a.png1d5438dcdddaabc9ae7da863374e5112.pngefd37ab9ee0b653989e78b31ad7b3355.png03accb4d33b3873f1e9c4a54098fb5d7.png Student vs Student GANGWhenBootyKickedJunsASS.thumb.png.3ad5c81d01bc794567a6bbe9ba2cc1f4.pngyoryoryoroyroyroy.thumb.png.ab8d17cbbc7be6a92b751d58f172ad32.pngMICHAELNOOOOO.png.cdcfb78a758c81702cec3e86e098f608.pngYORUUUTHEGANG.png.44c5dac3e0f2d175cee2f29d97190b74.pngYoruGANGANG.png.e33fc796c303be8855560a92c33aba8e.png575fa9609ef236f85aea00197e504847.png611c453f7e0367b09a290ad136b319fb.png66aec712bdccb237d78946714f6eb488.pngce28bf1b6dbfc2158a4df0b2a0dd8f54.pngaf0a61818a3a1490e7f1acd7b31ef760.png3bbd0cd2ba334d1d4e6a6ee41fcdfc1f.pngunknown.png?width=888&height=500unknown.png?width=888&height=5005s9ez3iBTuyMNF1FlbWqpg.pngrTW3dRtMRKCix8HPrK1oVA.png91cfd4ab805bfa64a63fb333706b0a9b.png7f4b71786af2bc59608c5834195b3827.pngbe9626f859265a231ca1caeb73d040bc.pngIDidItx2.png.8e05f0dc08747abf3e5720006ae78823.png        5b60c49c9af5b_SRANKBABY.png.b9bc9e397af0ef34a557f4b4df6b240b.png