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  1. It will be a big help to send new players here rather then to explain it all.Best biging guide so far
  2. Smoth: "You are the Izanami to my Izanagi" Creeper line: "Spam killing is my way of showing you how much your worth to me"
  3. its arealy bad way to say that its the same situation u aren't geting insta killd as soon as u get out of hospital do u , u got a jonin inside the village next to hospital and one next to hokage building so why shouldent wee get atleast one or 1 + no traping zone or no atking .... leafs argument its bullshit wee cant get out anyother way unlike leaf & let me remind u sand is way bigger then leaf is its several tmes harder to protect. leaf has a wide entrance and its way ezyer to get out of geting trap killed ... so what does sand have oh ye 1 entrance thats small and its exploitabel af and it only goes down cuz the constant jutsus in sand gd wee get tons of lag efectivily making it instal kills so thers no fairness in it & when wee do invade leaf its not as if its ezy u go jonins in atleas 3/4 important locations 1.at the gates witch is a big area hard/imposibel to do what it happens at sands entrance 2.next to hospital that can get u if u get to close (even a bit after the tols shop) 3.hokages place thats not as bad cuz it has a smaler range by comparason but also even thou its simlar to sands gates u stil cant do what happand at sand gates were i am geting at its that sand has a big area like it be realy hard to find a invading enemy during a raid