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  1. Crescent Moon Beheading has 2 tiles range with 2 seconds slow runcast (which is still bugged, btw) at all ranks, which makes it absolutely worthless. It's suicidal to even try to use it, cause it makes you move as fast as a snail and everyone around you starts teleporting and you don't even know who is where, not even where you are, for that matter. At max rank it only gains 2 damage and -5 chakra cost, not even cooldown changes. So, um, my suggestion is to remove the slow runcast at max rank (make it normal 2s runcast).
  2. That's actually a good idea. Didn't expect it from you, gj!
  3. Please, don't remove PMs.. next step would be removing chat at all and then making it a singleplayer RPG. Taking RP too far..
  4. I only remember Temari using a fan in the anime, from Sand. This argument is only valid for keeping fan for wind/str wind. It'd only be okay for everyone in a village to use it if it didn't give them an advantage, which right now it does. Make it cosmetic, then let even lv1s use it if you wanna. Only fan mastery should have the knockback.
  5. That's what I meant with "It also has the same movement bug as chidori (probably due to the slow runcast), if I toggle walk while casting, my character moves backwards. And everyone else is skipping frames while it's casting.". You literally can't see where the person you're aiming for actually is, cause everyone is teleporting around while you are moving backwards on your screen, when you're actually moving forward for everyone else. Like it's not hard enough to hit it without this lol.
  6. The new WM jutsu almost always goes off to the right side, even if I'm facing left while casting. It also has the same movement bug as chidori (probably due to the slow runcast), if I toggle walk while casting, my character moves backwards. And everyone else is skipping frames while it's casting. @Seth @Ueda
  7. Strength based WM needs a looooot of tweaking, it's currently only 3 jutsus - flicker+WS (yes, the 2 of them form 1 jutu), risky and crescent, which makes it extremely boring and repetitive - hit 3 jutsus, run for cooldowns, repeat. What I believe should be done with the mastery is, change the homings to close range non-homing jutsus (skillshot, like a dash or something for example), fix WS hitting people even if they sub and completely rework the other 2 jutsus (banana and piercing). ALL 3 CHANGES simultaneously, not 1 at a time, don't ruin the mastery plox! I'll start with banana since my brain prowess is only enough to think of 1 thing of a time. Currently, shockwave slash is a 1 tile wide run-cast projectile, which travels for up to 8 tiles, hitting the first target on its way. It stuns the user for 1s. And frankly, it's absolutely useless. As I said, imho, WM jutsus should be close range and more dynamic, like tai - think of breaking kick (without the CC, 4s cooldowns and endless combo opportunities). This is what I think it should look like - . 1 tile on the sides, 2-3 tiles infront, slashing everything on its path. I don't particularly care how much damage it does or what effect it has, just want it to be usable, so I don't have to rely on 3 jutsus. Don't get me wrong, WM is really strong right now, I don't really think that it really needs a buff at all.. but it's not particularly fun to play. The point of this post is to change that, not to make it OP. tl;dr tone down current jutsus, rework useless jutsus
  8. What do you mean launch? Game's been out for years and people are quitting every day, cause they don't expect anything new to happen at all.