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  1. Am Blue, da-ba-daa-da-ba daaaa~ Nice song!
  2. Let me join you guys by adding this screenshot, it happened right after the server froze and we decided to make a train. I call this the Leaf Superman Squad.. man these were the good ol' times --------- Some extra pictures when we had our first Specialized Jonins
  3. What my colleague Akiro is trying to explain is that you can request a refund throughout submitting a ticket at the refund section. Once you get to the refund page, click the "Support" button on that page. Just move your mouse on the hyperlink as following and click it. I hope these directions will help you asking for a refund. I've shown which button will direct you to the ticket refund support page down below. Best of luck!
  4. No it's completely fine. You actually made my day. I haven't had such a good laugh in quite some time now. But I will take some extra fee from you because you made me spill and spit my drink on my laptop. Also I've injured my ribs so I'm expecting some compensation for my hospital fees as well. Regardless I'm glad to be able to have helped you out. Best of luck!
  5. You seem to be having issues following directions, so I'll try to help you out step by step. It seems a lot of people seem to have a problem trying to submit a ticket for a refund, so lets explore our Nin Online website together shall we? As you can see here down below, when you click the Refunds button it will direct you to to this page right here: https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/refunds.html/ From there you click support and it will forward you to this page right here: https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/support/ I've highlighted the process with arrows by using Microsoft Paint. As you've clicked the ''+ New Request'' It will link you to where you need to file your refund ticket. ==
  6. I agree with your suggestion since I also believe that teaming up in a party should be slightly more rewarding. As it stands I can try to relate that it's rather discouraging to form a party with more people. I like both the 2nd and 3rd idea. A slight increase in exp would do wonders and encourage people to train together. It's definitely more fun to play with your comrades, so I'm hoping that this suggestion will be taken into consideration. Thank you for writing this post.
  7. https://discordapp.com/invite/Z29jd3U There you go https://discord.gg/pkbD76 < try this one if that one doesn't work
  8. Charizard... char.. izard. The Japanese name is: Lizardon Zuh wants a..Dragon..? But.. shows a lizard.. brain does not compute.. error 404: dragon not found YOU FOOO0L!!!
  9. Game

    I think the suggestion to lower BI on lower levels isn't a bad idea, although having 0 BI at lvl10 is a tad bit too much. I do agree on the overall concept of reworking battle injuries. However as others have mentioned, the majority of our players know how to adapt themselves under these conditions. There are a lot of things you can do to avoid being killed on spot, even if you have 300 or less hp at lvl20. For example you can avoid detection by utilising your environment to its fullest by using stealth. Use the trees to your advantage. Make full use of the cloak of invisibility jutsu. Proceed the bear map and other danger zones with more caution. You're expected to learn from these harsh environment and gain experience to become a stronger ninja. However you should also expect that you're going to be killed in this game no matter what. A lot of us have had frustrating moments being obstructed from doing missions or trying to level up. And most of us have learned to turn that frustration into motivation.
  10. Game

    I think a lot of you make really fair points, and it's definitely not because we don't understand. We really do. There are plenty of staff members who play the game regularly to understand the whole commotion with alts. Crowlock has explained it very well on how alts are utilised in various (negative) ways. Alts are used for a lot of purposes. But how do you suggest we find a general solution to this? I'm fairly certain that there are plenty of players who use alts to broaden their horizons and exploring different elements within the game. Do you suggest that we punish everyone who has an alt? Yukimura came up with good suggestions specifically directed towards the hospital troll alts. I'm not saying that there aren't people who use alts to spy or to troll people, but there are plenty of players who thoroughly enjoy the different aspects and experiences as they play a different character. Therefore I think it's important to look at things case by case, instead of lumping everything into the same category of issues. I know you guys can be very passionate because you care about the game and I appreciate to see your enthusiasm. But please try to look at things from an objective perspective as well so we can approach these topics logically and come up with the appropriate solution.
  11. Game

    You can also try to go to Settings> click Force Update. That should solve it.
  12. Game

    It appears that Math isn't Mr.Bounty Collector's strong suit. Thanks for reporting it though. We'll make sure that he repeats the ninja academy again.
  13. Roses are red, violets are blue, omae wa mou shindeiru. 

  14. Welcome back to Nin Online, Ninkage! You have been missed. It's great to see you again.
  15. Game

    If your victims have battle injuries, your bounty won't get a raise from it. So I assume that was the case.