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  1. Haha it was just a joke my man ^^ but I do appreciate the awesome gesture. Thank you for keeping the game alive!
  2. Your respect is duly noted Tetsu, don't worry I genuinely appreciate the things that you say in defense for your village. But please understand that my previous statements are only referred towards the ''outsiders perspective'' and those who try to enter Sand from the outside in. By no means do I neglect or disrespect the actual roleplay, the law and system within Sand's inner circle. Nor am I trying to insult or make wrong assumptions on how the Kazekage is trying to rule their own village from the inside out. I've created my own alt in Sand recently, and I'm currently observing how things are playing out from the inside as well. Obviously I haven't seen how the average situation is dealt within Sand's inner circle, or how people are called to the Kage's office for interrogation processes. But I can try to relate and imagine that it's pretty similar to how Leaf is dealing with things (Though it's still slightly different because the Hokage can be held accountable by their Council Members, while the Kazekage holds absolute power and rules over his Council. They can still take constructive criticism and appreciate their feedback, or shut them down if he disagrees) So I'm not speaking out of experience in that department from Sand's perspective, because I have no right to point fingers towards these average cases in particular. I'm merely stating the abnormal cases that have occurred recently, which is the controversy behind Alts being exiled left and right since I've been bombarded with complaints by numerous players about being treated wrongfully. I try my hardest to view things from both sides of the story, so please don't misunderstand my comments or think that I'm trying to rile people up or consider the Kazekage as a bad leader/person. I do my best to observe things from an objective and neutral standpoint. Back to your reply though; I do agree that exile shouldn't be taken lightly. In most cases I will believe your words and agree that most of the times the Kazekage and their officials respect their own laws and act accordingly to the system that has been set up. I also completely agree with you that it's very easy to put the leader to blame. I believe you and I can speak from our own experiences as Kage as well to know and understand what we're talking about. And yes I have also personally experienced people who create alts for the purpose of spying or trolling, this happens frequently in both Leaf and Sand. And I will be honest to admit that recently one of them has personally asked me in my DM's if they were allowed troll and meddle with Sand's RP affairs. I replied by telling them that as long as they remain respectful under the community guidelines, they can do whatever they please in terms of roleplay as long as they understand the consequences of their actions. So if they got exiled for a minor offense, they shouldn't be complaining to me. And they did get exiled and complained anyway< My point is that both sides and perspectives have shown hypocrisy in their statements and actions, hence I also previously mentioned that the (current) Kazekage is damaging his own reputation by acting ''goody-two shoes'' for coming up with silly excuses to (insta-)exile people. He should just be upfront, call them to the office for an interrogation, and exile them on spot if he deems them untrustworthy to begin with, so we won't have to deal with these silly complaints. So yes I acknowledge that there is a problem coming from both sides, and I can't wrongly accuse the Kazekage if they're hasty to pull the trigger on someone that they're highly suspicious of; or have a bias against them due to their notoriety on their main accounts. However I will say that simultaneously it's a problem for those who are genuinely trying their best to work for the best interest of the Sand Village, and are treated wrongfully as well. So it's important to look at things case by case, as it becomes difficult to see which one is trying and which one is trolling. But since the Kazekage holds the absolute power, they risk their reputation being harmed if they act out on a whim without properly investigating these cases. I'm hoping that you'll understand to see things from my perspective as well. Sorry for the long rant, but thank you for your reply! p.s: Whenever I'm bored I do observe Sand and your RP meetings in the Kage's office while remaining invisible. I can vouch for you that you tried your best. So thank you for your services ^^
  3. I don't disagree with you here. There are indeed players who make alts to create problems within the village and should indeed be held accountable under the (rp) law. But I feel like your opinion is only one sided since you don't seem to be in favour that the Kazekage should be held accountable under any circumstances if they act upon bias and create "hell" for others players who do actually want to remain in Sand and want to be considered as part of the village. However as long as you're seen as an outsider, regardless of how hard you may try to gain the respect of your leader, it doesn't really matter if they have a bias against you even if you lick their boots clean. In conclusion to this; even if you respect your own roleplay under the new alt new life, it doesn't mean a thing if your Kazekage doesn't respect you for whatever reason they may have. It's known throughout every previous leader that their judgement are based upon bias to a certain extent, and some were far more inconsistent with their own laws than the other. For instance what's the point of having a 3 strike rule system if one gets proper treatment under the law, while the other gets instantly exiled for only a minor offense? These laws were made yet they're not even held properly by their own leaders. So you might as well want to abolish that rule altogether for "troublemakers"/abusive alts" if you don't want to seem like a hypocrite. If you deem a person in Sand to be problematic due their notoriety on their main account and/or your dislike towards them, then just instantly exile them without coming up with silly excuses. The Kazekage's orders are absolute, so there's no need to pretend to be goody two shoes if you're clearly acting on a whim while neglecting your own laws that were set up. Hence I stand firm with my previous statement, keep your alt's identity a secret if you don't wish to be treated differently than your average Sand Ninja.
  4. I mean lets be real here, if you got exiled from Sand recently. None of those excuses given are the reasons why you were truly exiled. You were most likely disliked by the Kazekage for a reason. Whether it's the fact that you're a Sand Alt, and notorious as an enemy on your main. Whether you disobeyed the Kazekage's orders for not attacking the Leaf during a defensive raid (despite having BI at lvl20). Or even if you were slacking off on your training because you were busy talking to somebody. So by doing the slightest thing that upsets the Kazekage, you risk being exiled if you're not on his good side. Thus your exile is most likely based upon bias, which is fine under Sand's current monarchy/dictatorship. If you dislike how Sand is ruled, then just go back to Leaf or stay Missing. And if for some reason you really want to be part of the Sand Village despite knowing this, I could advice and encourage people to keep their alts hidden and have your true identity remain a secret if you don't want to be judged with any bias. It may sound pretty harsh, but it is what it is. Your opinion or mine doesn't matter. The Kazekage's orders are absolute. (Unless Rory thinks it needs a change, it'll remain this way) If you want to apply the new alt-new life RP in Sand, then don't give away who your alt is.
  5. Yeah I don't particularly disagree with you on the fact that it's difficult for those who aren't at lvl50 to be rewarded these Event Tokens. Even if they do receive some tokens for participation, they might want to save those tokens for other things. I'm just merely pointing out that you will all be having more options in the future since we've been acknowledging these type of feedback, so I definitely appreciate the suggestion. Also the rewards we have in mind will be given to the Kage which can be distributed towards the entire village. So not only will you be rewarded for participating, but the entire village will be rewarded if they win the event as your Kage will have the option to help out players with their training in need of an exp boost. ^^ Currently it's a work in progress though, so it's possible that some changes will be made. But stay tuned for what is about to come soon.
  6. It's not a bad idea in my opinion, but currently it's already possible to buy Blessings without needing to spend real money by using the Event Tokens. However in the near future it will be possible to reward the entire village for their contribution and teamwork by participating in events. So you will have other means to get blessings. Moreover Akiro and myself are planning on hosting various types of RP events, so you will be rewarded with Event Tokens that can be exchanged for World Blessings.
  7. Am Blue, da-ba-dee-da-ba daaaa~ Nice song!
  8. Let me join you guys by adding this screenshot, it happened right after the server froze and we decided to make a train. I call this the Leaf Superman Squad.. man these were the good ol' times --------- Some extra pictures when we had our first Specialized Jonins
  9. What my colleague Akiro is trying to explain is that you can request a refund throughout submitting a ticket at the refund section. Once you get to the refund page, click the "Support" button on that page. Just move your mouse on the hyperlink as following and click it. I hope these directions will help you asking for a refund. I've shown which button will direct you to the ticket refund support page down below. Best of luck!
  10. No it's completely fine. You actually made my day. I haven't had such a good laugh in quite some time now. But I will take some extra fee from you because you made me spill and spit my drink on my laptop. Also I've injured my ribs so I'm expecting some compensation for my hospital fees as well. Regardless I'm glad to be able to have helped you out. Best of luck!
  11. You seem to be having issues following directions, so I'll try to help you out step by step. It seems a lot of people seem to have a problem trying to submit a ticket for a refund, so lets explore our Nin Online website together shall we? As you can see here down below, when you click the Refunds button it will direct you to to this page right here: https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/refunds.html/ From there you click support and it will forward you to this page right here: https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/support/ I've highlighted the process with arrows by using Microsoft Paint. As you've clicked the ''+ New Request'' It will link you to where you need to file your refund ticket. ==
  12. I agree with your suggestion since I also believe that teaming up in a party should be slightly more rewarding. As it stands I can try to relate that it's rather discouraging to form a party with more people. I like both the 2nd and 3rd idea. A slight increase in exp would do wonders and encourage people to train together. It's definitely more fun to play with your comrades, so I'm hoping that this suggestion will be taken into consideration. Thank you for writing this post.
  13. https://discordapp.com/invite/Z29jd3U There you go https://discord.gg/pkbD76 < try this one if that one doesn't work
  14. Charizard... char.. izard. The Japanese name is: Lizardon Zuh wants a..Dragon..? But.. shows a lizard.. brain does not compute.. error 404: dragon not found YOU FOOO0L!!!
  15. Roses are red, violets are blue, omae wa mou shindeiru.