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  1. Am Blue, da-ba-dee-da-ba daaaa~ Nice song!
  2. Let me join you guys by adding this screenshot, it happened right after the server froze and we decided to make a train. I call this the Leaf Superman Squad.. man these were the good ol' times --------- Some extra pictures when we had our first Specialized Jonins
  3. Roses are red, violets are blue, omae wa mou shindeiru. 

  4. Ladies and gentlemen, the results have finally been made. It has taken quite some time to discuss these amazing screenshots and entries with our other staff members who have also voted and voiced their opinion. Without further ado here are your three winners of the Nin Online Screen Shot Contest. First place: @Ushu Second place: @Crowlock Third place: @Ram Mirana Congratulations to these three ninja's who have submitted one of the best entries in this competition. I hereby present to you the three screenshots that have been chosen as the top three submissions: Thank you all for participating everyone. We really appreciate all of your amazing entries as they were all fantastic. Some of the entries were made very creatively. Others included great roleplay on their captures as well. A few had great comedic sense and there were also screenshots with great scenery. Personally I really like all of the screenshots that have been submitted. Some seem to have taken quite some time and effort to make so I truly appreciate the great input you guys have been showing. That is why I definitely look forward to host more great events for the future with you all. I hope you've all enjoyed this competition everyone. Stay healthy and hope to see you all on the next event! Kind regards, Shirou (Emiya)
  5. I hope you've all had fun during the event everyone. We had 20 participants for the Level 30 minus tier and 35 people on the Lvl30 plus tier. I hope to see you all on the next event, stay tuned for more! Also for those who would like to (re)watch the event, here's a link to Anborn's livestream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/220983977
  6. Dear Ninja, We will be hosting a Free For All Tournament for our players to enjoy some great competition giving you all the oppurtunity to test and hone your PvP skills against all types of adversaries. The tournament will be held on this 21st January (Sunday) at 3PM EST. Tiers There will be two tiers, below Level 30 and 30 and above. We will start with the lower-level tier under Level 30. Afterwards we will continue with the higher-level tier over Level 30. Rules Please keep in mind that this is a Free For All Tournament, therefore creating parties will be prohibited as it will lead towards a direct disqualification. Prizes The winners of their respective tiers will receive a $10 dollar gift card + 2x World Blessings. @Anborn will be providing the gift cards for the tournament. I will also reward the two ''Most outstanding ninja'' from each tier. Please note that you don't necessarily have to win the tournament to earn this accolade and reward. The prize rewarded for the most outstanding player is down below: 1x Pink Folding Fan If we manage to get a decent amount of participants to join this tournament, I will celebrate this succesful tournament by dropping a World Blessing afterwards. Please make sure to follow our announcements regularly, because there will be more events to come. Thank you for your attention and hope to see you all this Sunday! Kind regards, Shirou (Emiya)
  7. Okay.. then we probably have a winner right there. How did I not know about the existence of these magnificent ducks? Apparently I've graduated at the wrong Academy.
  8. This one is actually really good, Caio. I'm actually looking for these type of screenshots. It looks clean and sharp; it conveys a certain message in story telling as well. The atmopshere and surroundings make things look perfect. It doesn't seem appear to look editted either, and the screenshot sticks true to the original material. Again I'd like reiterate that keeping the originality of the game is very important. As much as I love Indra's work, or Origami's and even the one with the ducks. They are very entertaining and hilarious, but I think we can leave the (over)editted pictures for another contest. After all this is a Screenshot contest, not a Photoshop contest ^^ So please keep that in mind guys. But I would certainly keep the ones that you've made already for another event where people can go absolutely nuts and edit whatever they like.
  9. You're allowed to make minor edits, but I'd like to point out that if you'd over-edit things it would sort of ruin the originality of the game. And it also destroys the purpose of a ''Screenshot'' contest as it would become more of a contest of artwork and photoshop. For example if you'd want to make some minor edits on the shades or colouring that'd be perfectly fine. But if you'd add things that aren't part of the game, I could hardly call it a screenshot.
  10. Sure you're allowed to edit your screenshots, Rumaki. Also I'm loving these screenshots so far. Meth, Wilkor and Jun have made some hilarious entries. I also really like Wolfskin's screenshot as well. This one can certainly be used as promotional material on the website. The scenery is great and there's also some story telling/roleplay going on. I can't wait to see more. ^^
  11. Dear Ninja, This month we will have a special competition where players can send and share their best screenshots. We would like for our community and players to come up with creative and original ideas, giving us the oppurtunity to share these screenshots as promotional material. We will reward the Top 3 best screenshots taken. You can simply participate by replying to this topic and attach your screenshot. You're only allowed to submit one screenshot. The competition will end at the last day of the month, and the results will be published the following day. Tips Make sure the screenshots are taken at 1920x1080 resolution (you're allowed submit screenshots below these standards however Preferably hide the GUI by pressing F1 before you take a screenshot. Be creative and try to come up with entertaining screenshots Think about various Roleplay Events which you can participate in and capture great moments with your friends Capture great moments during PvP Battles Prizes We will give away prizes for the Top 3 best screenshots as following: First place: Bandit Mask Second place: Raging Bandit Jacket & Pants Third place: Two choices of the new Sunglasses (Note there is also a green/blue/pink coloured ones) Remember that the deadline is at the 31th of January. Also keep in mind that I'll be trying to host various other events in the future, so stay tuned everyone. We will be looking forward to see your great captures. I wish you all the best of luck with this competition. Kind regards, Shirou