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Name: Shirou  Age: 28    Rank: Jonin  Clan: Kurotsuki


Lord Second
The White Lightning




Shirou grew up in a village in the Fire Nation, not too far away located from the Hidden Leaf Village. Proudly raised in the Kurotsuki Clan, Shirou was taught to become an excellent shinobi at young age. Some legends had told that the Kurotsuki clan was a descendant of the Uchiha clan. This was never proven, since they showed no traces of the Kekkei Genkai. 

At age 10 Shirou's village was attacked, surrounded by a great blaze around the entire village. Neither the villagers, nor the Kurotsuki clan had any chance to defend themselves because of this ambush. On that fateful night, Shirou, who woke up in the back garden where he happened to train that night, witnessed the way his house had perished in the flames, along with his parents. He tried to escape the village as he saw the people and his beloved ones dying within the flames slowly. He often heard faint voices begging for help, but Shirou desperately tried to ignore and kept running in agony just to save himself. While he was running away, he had to witness his family, his friends and fellow villagers perishing in the flames. Eventually he collapsed as well. After he woke up, he had found himself in a hospital within the Hidden Leaf Village. He was saved by an Anbu ninja, who noticed the flames as he was about to return from his mission.

Later on in his life, Shirou is being taken care of by the Hokage of the Leaf Village. With the Will of Fire strongly flowing through his veins he has continued to live on. As he was nurtured and taught by the Hokage himself personally, Shirou is determined to become one of the strongest Shinobi who has ever lived. For the sake of his village and comrades.

From age 20 to 24, he underwent special training by the Lord Rory the First.  As Rory's successor, Shirou has stepped up to become the Second Hokage.

Chapter I


As the Second Hokage, Shirou was determined to take the role of Leaf's representative and head figure of the village. It was his goal to lead the village and ensure the safety of all his comrades and family. That is why one of the first things Shirou did as he quickly began in function was to establish order, safety and peace. As Shirou was elected by the First Leaf Council Members: Deathmall, Indra and Zintosso, they began working on a systematic method to increase the efficiency of balance and order within the village from the inside. 

From there, they've started working on various organizations such as the Leaf Military Police Force and the Order of the Golden Scrolls. There were many passionate and dedicated comrades alonside Shirou as they did everything in their power to combine their strenghts together and create a unified village that was built upon trust. Eventually after the village was stabilized, Shirou quickly shifted his focus on the affairs that were happening outside. The Criminal Organization Yoru was still a huge threat to anyone in the Shinobi World as Shirou had to act very carefully. He then discussed the some very important matters to negotiate a peace treaty with the Sand Village. As the Third Kazekage ReubenNick had assumed his position, the Leaf and the Sand village had successfuly established the peace that they had longed for so long.

During this period both villages could enjoy the peace that they were granted at the time. This allowed Shirou to have finally achieved a great step forward towards his ultimate goal. Meanwhile during this moment of peace, Shirou spent his time working on training young Genins to ensure that the next generation will be left in good hands. Unfortunately the peace did not last long as several Leaf and Sand Ninja began disobeying their Kage's orders and neglected the truce. Soon things began heating up.  Eventually the Third Kazekage had requested a meeting in the Leaf Village to discuss the circumstances and re-establish their peace. However he was hiding something else up his sleeve as he was plotting to assassinate the Second Hokage and invade the Leaf Village to annihalate everyone. Shirou soon learned out about this intel, and quickly reacted to unify the entire Leaf Village as they gathered up. And thus another great war began between the Sand and the Leaf village. The Sand had finally reached the small bridge towards the Leaf Village. Little did they know, the Leaf was prepared as they countered them and fought back ferociously. The battle was won, but the war was not over. Many battles had taken place afterwards. It was a dark era with many casualties and deaths. Many lives were lost. This was the exact opposite of what Shirou had desired as he was forced to take tough measures in order to keep everyone's lives safe. 

A long time had passed as both forces started to become exhausted. Eventually the Third Kazekage ReubenNick had agreed to re-establish peace. Not long after Nick decided to retire from his position and chose Miki as his successor. 

Chapter II

[work in progress]




Due to the trauma he has suffered in the past, Shirou suffers from a tremendous survival's guilt. He feels that it was unfair that that he was the only survivor on that fateful night. Since he had ignored his fellow villagers who died in those flames, he thinks that he has no longer the right to prioritize himself above others. Shirou pleged that he will become the strongest shinobi to be able to protect the innocent, to make up for what he could not protect in the past. Therefore Shirou has a very strong sense of justice. His ideal is to create a world where everyone can live in peace and happiness. He strives to protect the innocent from the world's many perils, though he is saddened by the reality that whenever he would spare on life, another person was fated to die. Knowing that he can't save everyone, he fights against this dilemma and continues to walk forward.

Aside from that, Shirou is a kind person who enjoys helping others. As it gives him pleasure seeing the smiles of other people. Despite his kindness, he's very serious when it comes to his duty as a shinobi. He will not hesitate to fight or to protect someone else, even if it would cost him his own life. Shirou can often be stubborn once he sets out to accomplish the things that matters to him the most.

Shirou Kurotsuki: ''What's past is past. I cannot redo it, nor go back to it. I have escaped from that scene and continue to live on. All I can do is move forward.''~pasted_image_at_2015_11_12_10_20_pm.thumb.png.2dff60cbd92dc8e7f7668958f8355eea.png.8faa2b1cc6228a75708bdfe515124cd6.png


Taught and raised by his deceased clan members, Shirou was able to reach a high level of combat prowess at a young age. After being nurtured and trained by the Hokage himself personally, Shirou is capable of performing the Lightning and Water Release. His reactions and reflexes are top-tier as he moves very agile on his feet. He's also naturally skilled at team coordination and leadership.