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NAME : Lumy

AGE : 16




MASTERIES : medic.png.1dcfd7bbab7c2509c1858c22faa0cabc.png  Earth_(2).png.204073494e2773a527830aedac702caa.png


TITLE/NICKNAMES : Mamba, Lord, The Most Wanted, The Lion


RANK : S-Rank Criminal     Prior : Sand Chunin


ORGANIZATION : Neo-Akatsuki    Prior : Desert's Pirate


PERSONALITY : Lumy's actions are led by his anger. He is known for killing people with no mercy and is considered as one of the most evil ninja. Peace,truce or mercy mean nothing to him, he is seeking for the blood of his enemies. He doesn't show it but he has a soft spot for his friends, by messing with one of his friends he'll look up for you, find you and kill you. The Lion has a small circle and doesn’t have allies.He often engages battle for no reason. In 4 words : He is a psychopath