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Uchiha Madara うちはマダラ

Madara Uchiha has always been an individual who idealized peace for the Shinobi world. He fought endlessly throughout dozens of wars, each opponent another stepping stone in his path towards true peace. In his ambitions, Madara struggled in constant combat to unify the Shinobi world. Madara's younger brother Izuna, the only to survive a shared childhood of violence, was always at his side. The two brothers synchronized in combat and supported each other in battle as a seemingly unstoppable force. Confident in their abilities, the two brothers marched across nations subjugating clans and armies in their mission for peace. As nations and armies fell before the two brothers, their mission of a unified nation seemed within their grasp...

Until the day that Izuna was slain...


In the last moments before Izuna's death, Madara lashed out in anger towards the opposing Shinobi roaring, his breath imbued with intense chakra flames. Madara killed a half-dozen men and lowered his defensive stance in the process. It was in that moment that an enemy Shinobi wounded Madara by impaling him with a blade through the lower abdomen. The enemy had won the battle, trampling over Madara's remaining forces and returning home, leaving Izuna dead and Madara bleeding.


Madara now mortally wounded, his lungs struggling, and his body weak, had lost his will to continue further with his unity of the Shinobi world in the name of peace. With the loss of his beloved brother, Madara came to realize that true peace could not exist in a world so filled with hatred. Closing his eyes, he vowed to avenge his brother Izuna as his consciousness ebbed into darkness and he succumbed to the void...


There are some however, who believe that Madara did not die on that day. Although crippled, Madara had survived, fueled by his desires to avenge his brother. Some believe that Madara is just biding his time and gathering his former strength,  waiting for the perfect moment to enact his vengeance on the hatred filled Shinobi world...

After all, some men just want to watch the world burn...