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  1. Nin online lacks that spark that hypes you up to play this game. It has been out forever and still does not really satisfied the players. After all, that grind becoming lvl 50 was not really worth it. There is nothing to do other than pvp and grind items. I think there should be a roleplay server. When you select the server besides toad and shit you have the option to go to an rp server. Everyone there roleplays. Your character is totally randomized. village, clans, masteries and etc. You get born into a shinobi world. There are no grinding quests. Instead, you queue up for an RP mission with a team of 3 or 4. You probably think what is there to do besides waiting for missions. Just do what you would do in normal nin online. Afk in your village for 5 hours straight. Grinding is also possible but should not really be beneficial. Cause it already is not.