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sorry about that


Name: Hiruma.

Age: 18.

Mental Age: Almost normal.

Speak Form: What do you mean with that?

Normally: Friendly.

Like: Night // Cold // Storm // Fall (season) // Birds // Pine Seeds // Red //  Medical Stuff // Knives // Long Walks On Water Surface.

Dislike: Eggplant // Mortal Sunny Days // Annoying People.

Places Who Likes to Stay: Random Forests // Sewers.

Hobbies: Killing mutant rats, healing people.


Masteries: Medical.

Village: Konoha.

Rank: Genin.

Status: Generic Noob/Loser.

Clan: None.

Organizations: Vonker.


"You're now breathing manually"

Im not professional at drawing, but i try (about profile image)


juj.png.2f6b73a595d5124e0a5c804a24f9657a.png (smaller now)


Hiruma was born in Leaf, 5th june. Theres nothing anormal with her life. Its kinda boring.

Helping people and medicine are others passions of her.

When she was a young child her parents died. After that Hiruma started living with her grandmother, who died of natural reasons when she turned 14. The girl got a little affected when it happend. She was alone. Was a little hard to her overcome that alone. In the end she did.

Sometimes she talks with herself when she feels lonely. When walking around by herself she tries to be neutral inside the possible when people are the topic.

She doesnt like to kill humans, but if it turns as a necessary point. "Avoiding unnecessary conflicts is essencial, we need to focus on the conflicts that really matters"  Hiruma's words.

Down here changes on Hiru's life and new thoughts will be showed.


+ - 02/14/18 -> By the moment she sees no problem on being a simple pawn on oficial subjects and similar stuff.

05/01/18 -> Sometimes Hiruma feels very lonely and excluded. Thats why she's spending her free time at Secret Seals. For some reason Hiru is gettin mad with some people.

06/05/18 -> Its her birthday. 18 years now. Happy birthday Hiru!

01/18/19 -> Starting to have more friends, not feeling excluded or lonely in most part of time. Still spending time at Secret Seals, its sad to say but its like a second home to her. Caring more about positions in oficial stuff. Questioning about killing, when it is really necessary.

01/10/19 -> Met some new people, not normal.

01/19/19 -> Gave her brother twin fangs.

02/01/19 -> Went missing to join Vonker. Feeling kinda... bad.



stay safe people