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Sanda is a stubborn, loud and wise male shinobi, born of the Hozuki Blood in the Village Hidden in the Sand. He does not have any parents and he lives at home alone. His parents were killed in the fires of the war between the two nations Village Hidden in the Sand and Village Hidden in the Leaves. Sanda Hozuki is currently a Genin in the Village Hidden in the Sand. Most of the Jonin have their eyes on Sanda. Sanda is a shinobi who has a lot of potential.

Sanda Hozuki is the leader of the Interrogations Division in the Sand Military Police Force. Sanda has some incredible goals not only for himself but for the future of the Village Hidden in the Sand. Sanda is the student of @TetsuHawk Sashiba, and @MrChubb The Hozuki. Sanda has taking a liking to TetsuHawk because Tetsu is a former Kazekage, and the fact he is wise and easy to communicate with. Sanda sees Tetsu more than a teacher, and sees him as a close friend, same as MrChubb. 

Sanda's feats include:

- Defending the Sand Village from Leaf invasion
- Defending the Sand Village from Rogue invasion
- Jumping @Lumy for demanding money from him
- Making a custom role in the Sand Military Police Force an official thing

Sanda's likes are:
- His entire clan
- Danger Dangos from Takumi
- Shuriken
- His jutsu
- Medical Corps
- Murdering anyone who isn't a sand shinobi

Sanda's dislikes are
- Akatsuki
- Green Village
- Takumi Shinobi who are not on the ally list of Sand
- Kurama Clan

Sanda's friends are:

- @TetsuHawk Sashiba
- @Dyan Sashiba
- @Gaara
- @Ezcanor
- @Rainier
- @Slaughter