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My name is Yugure.  I am a Genin of the Hidden Mist Village. I was born with natural dark blue hair that I constantly dye back and forth between blue, purple and black. I usually wear it in two different styles; long, up or messy. Sometimes I prefer to mask myself in case of enemy invasion. You can usually tell who I am based on what I wear which consists of a black long sleeve turtleneck shirt and red striped pants that were made of wool from the Hidden Mist. I also wear shoes that are unique to the Hidden Mist as well. I have one brother and I am unsure who my parents are. My brother is @Road of the Sakame Clan. Together; we hope to achieve many accomplishments together including becoming apart of the future Medical Corps of the Mist, the Mist Military Police Force and hopefully at some point we can become Hunter Nin as well.


Here is a picture of me and my brother @Road side by side. 
Here is a picture of me and @Road training together.  


Masteries: Water and Wind

I am one of the few shinobi capable of performing the Interrogation Art; a dangerous and unique art which requires no effort for someone of my stature. I am capable of extracting information with the slightest of ease. I am a unique and terrifying enemy for any combatant with enough courage to face me. Sometimes, people will flee if they see me. My water style will make you drown, my wind style will cut you up. Combined and they will make you SUFFER.

I was born of half-unknown origins. My mother was a Sand Ninja; however it is a mystery as to why I ended up in the Mist Village. The name Yugure can translate to Dusk; which is the opposite of Akatsuki which is japanese for dawn. Road is my older brother; as much as he is my adoptive brother. Road has claimed that the name came from my birth mother when I was dropped off at the Sakame door step as a baby; along with a note saying there are great things planned for me. 

At a young age; a Sand Ninja by the name of Viduus noted that I looked a lot like my mother so I chased him down to Katabani Bridge to ask him questions. He placed me under a genjutsu to train me and made me the dangerous combatant I am today. 

Seeing as how the children of the Mist Village have been constantly attacked; I have started my own Organization called Sokudo which can roughly be translated into English as "Speed". Sokudo is designed as a protection force as well as an educational experience for all Mist Village Genin. 

If you see Yugure; it's best not to bother him. He is training is hardest to become one of the Elite Jonin of the Hidden Mist. Begone with your nonsense and your foolishness. 


Profile song and Viduus training song soon to come.