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White Priest of Suna.
Rank: Kazekage
Mastery: water/fire
Clan: /
Family: Date
Titles: Jonin, ex anbu member/capitan and anbu leader
Known as: White Priest of Sand, ex leader of Adenium (Desert Rose) clan, Lord X and LX


Many years ago there was a tragedy. During great selection event to choose new Kazekage invaders planted the chaos all over the village. Young marriage fled to a nearby Chapel. They gave their little boy in to care to priests and left to face the killers. Itama ( the name of boy) was growing under the hand of priests. They were teaching him how to find his way in life and how to distinguish the truth from lies. They live a peaceful life and they knew the answer for every question. Priests weren't strong only in case with mind. They were very skilled fighters and everyone had his own style. Itama found his way in water because of potential and power in it. With time he became a great priest and a leader. The fate caused that his hair lost color. Today people are calling him White Priest, who didn't fulfill his destiny yet. His great time is coming.


Itama's life: 
As young ninja Itama decided to make a clan (Adenium) with hes friend @Aikya. Adenium was all about helping lowbies and family. One of first members of Adenium was @Deviax who later became Itamas best friend and rival. In Adenium Itama and Aikya made a family that at that point was one of strongest clans in Sand. Itama didnt care about any ranks in village, his only focus was on his clan and his friends. Time has passed and Adenium was falling apart and Itama decided to close it. At this time hes rival Deviax made a good name in sand. He was chunin and anbu capitan at the moment and later became anbu leader. Itama started working hard for sand and that was hes only focus, he managed to get in anbu and by working hard he showed that he is a good leader so he was promoted to anbu capitan.
Later on after deviax left Itama was a new Anbu leader and thats where Itamas name was known all around the world. Before Anbu Itama was in legendary organisation named pirates under a leader @Dona.


As anbu leader Itama was Dyan's (Lord 8th) right hand for short time, Dyan stepped down from hes Kage role and @Slaughter was new Kazekage. Slaughter saw Itama's hard and good work so he decided to keep Itama as Anbu leader. At this time Deviax wasn't around Sand village, he was tasked with SS mission that took him 2 months to finish. Itama made alot of friends in hes life like @Nauq who became hes blood brother, @Raikuzu and @Nighma thru Alliance between Adenium and Hozuki, @Bmore, @Tresmorne Oleander, @TetsuHawk, @Slaughter and many more ninjas. 

After Slaughter stepped down, there was voting for new Kazekage. Most likely to win were Deviax and Itama. Council, organisation leaders voted, and they picked Itama as Lord 10th.


As Kazekage Itama did hes best to revive sand which he did at start of his term.


Later on Itama made an Alliance with Leaf village and ended long war between them.

Today Itama has a daughter @Angelik Date and his focus is to improve village as much as he can until hes term is over and hes family.