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  1. @Michaelwdym by outside? like not in those maps? And if you mean litterally outside the villages what happens if someone outside the event kills another person in it?
  2. I can seriously agree with this. I want it! Good idea
  3. Mike, I think you should choose either inside or outside villages only. I’m saying this because people will most likely kill another person outside of the village and say they weren’t participating. So I would say chose one of the three villages and everyone will run to there. But other than that I like the event!
  4. Has this turned into a roasting event
  5. Micheal is so smart, he could make a good non-pvp event like this one!!!
  6. ;( I can’t get there in time but kuramas will win! Believe it!
  7. Largest most useful guide ever. :x
  8. This has been happening to me more recently in which every single time i switch maps/die/or lag, i would immediatly get connection lost and have to log in again. Now it just keeps on doing that over and over again, i cant do anything in nin without crashing. Sometimes, after i would crash 6-10 times, it wont even let me log in without say "connection lost". Its also been happening to other people like Reaper Yagami and enough people to make me make a post about this. Please try to fix this.
  9. It also happens with mud river, except it goes all directions: sideways, up, and down. It gets really annoying in pvp.
  10. Please and thank you!
  11. This has been happening to me ever since i started using flicker in my combos. Whenever i would use flicker and a jutsu right after, the jutsu would aim the opposite direction from me or move to the side. This is one example as to what using a jutsu would look like after flicker. Of course it also has been happening with other jutsus such as mud river and poison jab where it would move the opposite way from the caster after flicker. Please can you start working on this problem @Seth.
  12. How so?
  13. I agree i spent long hours grinding for just one simple fur.
  14. Damn Bmore, congrats on becoming a king now .