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A young Shinobi with great ideals

Among which is protecting the village where he was born with all the forces

In spite of being a lonely person he is very kind and if it is in his hands to be able to help you without doubt he will do it.

He hates discussions and always tries to end them with love

In the depths of soul, the Will of Fire burns with great power and intensity

Although he hates wars and calls himself a pacifist, if he is provoked or tries to harm some of his loved ones, he will not hesitate to confront you no matter how strong you are.

He believes that his Nindo is to find the end for all wars and that love is the only way to Peace.

He is dedicated to collecting weapons, in his heart is the desire to possess all weapons in the existence of the Ninja world.

His goal is to become the best user of Fire and Weapon 

Although for now he does not dominate any of them, he trains day by day to become stronger.

My story begins like that of any other child who plays at being a shinobi

Running through the streets of the village


                        Over the years I got to know ninjas that motivated me to follow my dream, not only my village's shinobis, but also some who despite being from other villages and the war between the villages helped me to be a small child with a big dream


Day by day i grew and became stronger and stronger performing dificult missions, and i saw people who challenged me to be stronger


I took part in the chunin exams but, unfortunately, I did not approve, I am determined to try again until I achieve it.


I love my village and each of the people that live in them I will protect them with all my strength and I would give my life for them.


Currently belongs Ukiyo clan.

In his Katana lives a spirit that no one knows exactly who he is, He usually takes possession of all his Swords and sometimes he shows up beside him besides accompanying him everywhere



If you want to know more about its history, you can find it training in solitary places or walking around Leaf Village, maybe you become another person who will accompany you on your ninja path.