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Personality and goals

A young Shinobi with great ideals, Among which is protecting the village where he was born with all the forces
In spite of being a lonely person he is very kind and if it is in his hands to be able to help you without doubt he will do it.
-His natural hair color is golden but he usually dyes it black
-Hates discussions and always tries to end them with love
-In the depths of soul, the Will of Fire burns with great power and intensity
-Although he hates wars and calls himself a pacifist, if he is provoked or tries to harm some of his loved ones, he will not hesitate to confront you no matter how strong you are.
-Believes that his Nindo is to find the end for all wars and that love is the only way to Peace.
-He is dedicated to collecting weapons, in his heart is the desire to possess all weapons in the existence of the Ninja world.

-His goal is to become the best user of Fire and Weapon 
-It belongs to LMPF since its sense of justice is really great 

-He is the current leader of the great and honorable clan Ukiyo
-It is known as The Fire Pillar The Burning Sword
-Weaknesses: He has a disease that usually attacks him in unexpected occasions "Lag, Crashes". Despite this he has many goals in his life and will not let something like this stop him





A young man with black hair was running back home after successfully completing a spy mission in an enemy village.
But when he reached a dark forest he felt an unpleasant and dark presence that made his bones tremble, trying to get away as fast as he could from that place. He heard a voice in his mind asking for help, the young man did not think twice and ran inside. from a dark cave from which he thought the voice came from.
When he entered the cave he met a hundred people who seemed to be possessed by some evil entity, even though this attempt to dialogue with them no one seemed to pay attention, they only acted in a wild way and with a murderous instinct.
The boy trying to avoid the attacks of these beings again heard the voice asking for help, only this time he said that those beings were no longer people and that the only way to end their suffering was by taking their lives, the boy replied that he was not strong enough to be able to defeat them all alone, the voice replied that if he released him from his prison he could help him overcome all these beings.
The boy ran without hesitation going deeper into the cave and in a room he found a girl who was imprisoned, the girl seemed to be burning, her eyes as red as blood and with hair as bright as the sun.
When released.

She stares into his eyes and asks
Why do you lie to yourself hiding who you really are?

He answers
I don't know what you're talking about, now come on let's get out of this horrible place

She responds
If you don't accept yourself as you are, nobody else will, your true potential and strength will come to light when you understand this.


After the quick conversation, both begin fighting against these beings, the girl wraps the whole place in flames, these flames did not seem to harm the young man, they only enveloped him and gave him strength, the young man with tears in his eyes knowing that before these beings They were human defeats them all with the help of the girl, she tells him quietly that she has a very kind and sincere heart. That's why he chose it.
The boy says he does not understand what this girl was saying and asks what your name is and she replies that it is Ryūjin Jakka the boy smiles and tells him that it is a very curious name, after that he passes out due to his injuries and the great loss of chakra that had
After spending a few hours in the village they realize that the young man has not arrived despite the fact that he is usually very punctual and they send a rescue team. After hours of searching, they finally find the fainted boy at the entrance of the cave and next to him a beautiful katana with a red handle and golden edges as bright as the sun, on the edge of the sword he has a writing that says the Ryūjin Jakka The sword carried by the young man kissed by the fire.

Since his recovery the boy stopped dyeing his black hair and began using his natural hair color
And now he trains day by day with his new sword, since he says she saved his life.



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Become the Blade that cuts down despair