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  1. Run if u c me tbh because I will make you look like curry after game 7
  2. AAAND he's back!
  3. hi im here again from the depths of hell life I see nin has grown bigger Lol @ akiro being developer Lol @ bloodtoaster being mod
  4. Why tf is shawn jones signature not removed. I'm 11 years old I shouldn't be seeing that stuff
  5. good idea
  6. I cringe at your lack of spelling.
  7. Wow... I'm pretty sure when the 7sm arc occurred in the war, Kishimoto said he wasn't planning on doing another series and now it's coming out this year? I was expecting 2016 minimum.
  8. Wow this seems like the best game out right now. Shut up and take me mums money
  9. Some people have to do jobs they don't like just to make a living.
  10. He died 7 minutes after he said that.
  11. Umm first anime I watched was DBZ with my cousin, and someday I decided to watch Naruto on adult swim which made me leap towards watching more anime I guess. I don't know how it all lead up, but yep. P.S. No I didn't finish Bleach to whom it may concern. (episode 211)
  12. were have u been q.q flamex26 desuuuu

  13. What you and I call good is different. What I find as the best anime can very well be your most hated. It's all a matter of preference. Np, and glad I could help @Orange.
  14. Impressive work comrade. Welcome
  15. It's a work in progress, but it mostly has up to date information.