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  1. I'm willing to offer up 2 blank scrolls towards the prize pool. So the winner will get 3 blank scrolls and runner up will get 2! Let me know if that's possible and who to give the scroll to.
  2. Ban

    1) Clearly the dude doesn't speak fluent English(or at least that's what I perceive) 2)Not everyone has a discord and it's not written in big letters in announcements or rules that account sharing is wrong, the only place I've read/heard it from is discord which I'm sure not everyone actively visits. That's just my 2 cents in on this. I think banning without warnings pretty harsh too imo, only exception is if the person is an active player and they clearly know the rules(artwork,miki, people like that).
  3. Lightning was fine before the second hit for chidori was added. Now not only do you have to wait until your enemy uses substitution to guarantee a hit(10 second window), you now have to factor in them facing a wall and you missing the technique while losing chakra and having to wait for the CD of the technique to expire. So much is wrong with that, but it's what the majority agrees is ok so it's w.e. At least if the technique was a run cast like 16 palms, but now idk what to even say.
  4. Game

    Chidori is a LOOOT harder to land, i'm not saying that in a complaining way, but if this is the route they are taking to balance every element, then so be it.
  5. Game

    Am I the only one who thinks that missing nin shouldn't be held to any special restrictions(excluding being safe inside takumi hospital as coded)? Being rogue needs to have more consequences and fit the harsh lifestyle as it does in the series(as inspiration).
  6. Game

    I hate stuns too, but if we're gonna discuss this, let's not use the term nerf please. I rather a revamp or balance to be done in place of removing stuns for masteries. Call me biased or what not, but chidori is the best and most reliable technique for lightning. I do not wanna run around my opponent in this messy combat system spamming feast/current/ and senbon which will randomly go through players and doesn't even execute the millisecond I execute it. Stun is annoying, but it allows for a faster and "cleaner" combat experience with the exception of close combat users(tai,weapon,etc). Though, I wouldn't mind of the disability of stuns being used back to back.
  7. Game

    I'm not being biased, but I think it's fine as is, because the second hit does a low amount of damage. To make sense of it, let's say you don't use sub and my chidori hits you for 180+stun+90 shuriken damage(example). With you using sub it translates more to 30+stun+90 shuriken. That's not even factoring that if you sub, the user who used chidori will end up facing the opposite direction of you nullifying them from even comboing(unless they have a technique like water prison to stun you again). I think the "100% guarantee" is fair due to players being able to simply face a tree or any dense object. Unless you want them to remove the second hit and allow chidori to hit the target from the back, which i'm sure people will complain a lot more about than they do now.
  8. Game

    Have Rory and Seth say all the techniques over a mic and place them in the game. Ez
  9. Game

    I don't know, i'm not really a fan of giving everyone a technique like that to further increase the imbalance gap. I rather techniques like that be for a specific group like kages, akatsuki, whatever for rarity. Maybe there could be different types of dojutsus? It's a nice idea though, I just wouldn't like seeing everyone have this same boost, seems tacky.
  10. @Seth I'm curious, with the new server change, will new kages be chosen in the process for each respective server?
  11. /e inhales
  12. How many people have complained about GF and the devs ignored. Clearly they don't care about what the majority say and would rather lead the developments under their own eye. Whether doing that is right or wrong, I have no clue but I at least hope they are playing and experiencing the grind themselves wholeheartedly. It would be a shame to see the playerbase continue to decrease as this game has such great potential.
  13. But that's the time the server's usually down
  14. Game

    Don't really care about the rest, but one point I don't agree with is projectiles being nerfed to that low of a damage cap. That gives an overwhelming advantage to masteries that don't require little to no chakra such as regular sword slash, taijutsu, GF taijutsu. Projectiles gives elemental users close to an equal ground with close combat masteries. Not to say that I don't mind a nerf, but a damage cap like that is pretty absurd.
  15. The main point I agree with this is: Grinding should give more experience than missions. A lot of these players simply idle away during the day and come back for one hour(midnight) to do docs, level up, afk, and repeat. It's crazy that we have at least 5 level 50's this early in a game where the first official chunin exams hasn't even happened yet. Though, this far in the game i'm sure there will be a lot of people against the idea.