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Feinz is an ill tempered, unpredictable,  arrogant yet passionate ninja who comes from the Mirana clan, lead by leaf's ingenious and talented own , Aghila Mirana. He currently trains under and utilizes the arts of Water and Lightning style.

Feinz was born in a small secluded house around Leaf's own hotsprings. He was taken care of by his grandparents after his biological parents were exiled from the village under the suspciosion of espionage for the Mist village. 

Due to this, he was treated very poorly by his fellow academy peers and was always heavily watched by fellow leaf jonin. 

This plague however, did not taint Feinz' will, but instead provoked his underlying passion to prove others wrong. He constantly aims to prove to his yearning loyalty to the leaf by any means possible. 


Currently Feinz  is undergoing extensive trainer with the founder and leader of the Mirana clan,  Aghila and Shotoho. 

Rank B (Successful)- Feinz underwent a covert mission led by the former Hokage Shirou to spy on an upcoming rogue organization known as Red Lotus. The rest of the mission is held under confidentiality between Feinz and high ranking leaf shinobis. 

Rank C