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His father, Feinz Sr, was one of the weakest was often the last ninja on the battlefield. Despite being in multiple wars, missions, and being apart of the prestige Mirana clan, his father has never accomplished anything, not even chunin. He used to be a top level genin, however, until he stopped training and became a heavy smoker. His last reported sighting was at the fifth great chunin exams, where he took a humiliating loss to a younger ninja by the name of Midnight.

Due to embarrassment and shame to his village and former comrades, Feinz Sr left his village and set out on a long journey to find himself. He has yet to resurface since...

It was later reported that he bore a child on the outskirts of the Mist Village, who was taken in by a mysterious man where his life as a Mist ninja begins..


Feinz Jr is a brash and arrogant young ninja who is often found in tense arguments with his elders and peers.  He refuses being told what to do and disregards any orders given to him. He has no intention on listening to the orders of those above him in power. His skill however, does not match up with his character..