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  1. What if you have no friends and can't get a team of 3?
  2. Game

    For roleplaying purposes, so your role is somewhat official and of higher respect than normal shinobi(sometimes).
  3. A cheaper Chunin Entrance Fee should come before the discounted blood pills. People are saving their ryo and won't be quick to spend it with the rumors going around of the exam costing 10k ryo per individual. If you first get the prices lower to 5k as promised, i'm sure you will get a lot more funds for the remaining projects.
  4. I thought lightnings original intention was to be the best mastery for stuns :x
  5. Game

    Join discord -_-
  6. That's a pretty bad reference. HQ TDM map is extremely small allowing for really any technique to hit. I can launch demon shuriken anywhere and 7/10 it'll hit someone randomly in that map. It's also AOE heaven. Lightnings only bad because they are forced to be sitting ducks to use their techniques unlike other elements or masteries.
  7. Join the discord, it's a faster way to know if the servers down or if you want a quick response.
  8. Game

    Bump? Not trying to be petty or salty, but at least a response would be nice. I wanna know if I should remake now instead of wasting anymore time training.
  9. Game

    I hate being off topic, but this discussion of whether she quit or retire simply gets under my skin. She did in fact quit, because she was not fit to lead. If you wanna consider her a leader or not a leader, that's pretty much opinion based, but from a factual stand point she quit, because she was incapable of handling the stress that came with the job. On the other side, I do respect the fact that she had the strength to end the situation before it got worse and started to affect more than just her and possibly the community.
  10. Game

    Agreed, especially that part where you said lightning specialists are supposed to be the best stunners. Not sure why lightning users have been getting the bad ends of nerfs.
  11. Offtopic/ I hope people can tell the difference between roleplaying a malicious player and actually being a malicious person. I'm not calling anyone out, but lately it seems everyone wants everyone to roleplay as a levelheaded, willing to die for comrade. That obviously is thrown out the window when they take it to personal messages or on discord though. Anyways, thank you community?(confused after reading OP)
  12. Thank you all the past and current staff(Rory, Seth, Azami, AkatsukiNick(I think that was his name? lol), Reuben, Robin, etc) for working on the game and getting it to this point 4 years later, much appreciated :).
  13. Game

    Not sure if it was made like this, but when you use chidori on someone they can simply face a wall for instance and it will say "Unable to warp to target". Saw that being done a lot in Hoshens tournament today in the chuunin arena.
  14. I really hope that get stronger saying was a joke, this game is RPVP. Notice the RP which stands for ROLEPLAY. While i'm not taking sides on who did what, but what should be clear is that Spam killing is considered grieving this game and there should be consequences for that(if it did happen). Players were given a fair chance at the start of the game to train up, especially closed beta testers. Are you gonna punish the other players for not joining the game at launch and allow other players to restrict those said players abilities from progressing? Once again, not pointing fingers at anyone, but it seems like the main point in this topic is being lost.
  15. No one pay that toll, I paid and got killed while attempting to deliver my package to Yuu. The response I got was "Easy way back home" even after Mid revived me.