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  1. Welcome back lad, 1 year and 10 months huh... time sure flies! Looking forward to the upcoming updates
  2. Used to be able to view other responses and respond to statuses from the main page. I liked that
  3. O, I was wrong
  4. You don't have it, but from what I understand you can't get it anymore by just asking for it.
  5. Art

  6. Duuuuuudes, that latest one piece manga chapter!!!!!!!!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Destructo


      I prefer the scanlations where luffy refers to dofy as a thorn in his ass.

    3. Musab


      I know what youre talking about Des, read that one too. but Mangastream took a bit longer to release that quality one, so I read it on mangareader first.

    4. Musab


      Gear 4 reminds me of Nightmare Luffy. also this was epic

  7. Art

    Lmao, looking good man!
  8. I think he wants to enter the team. Idk what he would want to do though.
  9. Yeah, I thought that silver was earned by doing said thing, until you told that guy that he hadnt been here for over a year Just gave it a shot.
  10. <- account over a year old!
  11. I don´t remember what the amount of posts was to upgrade from newbie, but 23 posts is close to nothing.
  12. Art

    The white haired dude in Rory's avatar always seemed so childish to me, but the one one in the dev log banner at the top of this thread looks pretty badass.
  13. Art

    I love these dev logs with art the most, damn it's gorgeous! Welcome back man, looking forward to your posts.