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  1. Every mastery can use Body Flicker in some way. Melee masteries will benefit the most from it since the jutsu teleports you right next to the user and that's where melee masteries are the most effective...
  2. I think it would be nice if there was some sort of a Pumpkin boss that spawned on the War Zone maps that dropped a cosmetic Pumpkin Head mask (the Pumpkin box but wearable).
  3. Wind in general is a mastery with low chakra cost and high damage jutsu. Vacuum sphere is no exception but you are over exaggerating about how much damage it does. It has only 1-3 base dmg per sphere and does around 180 damage on 100 INT. The jutsu also has a big downside of being hard to land without first CCing your opponent in some way, while also selfstunning the user for 1 second...
  4. Well I had an idea how to make the travel less of a drag for Mist players. There should be an item called "Sailor's Necklace", which when worn would make it so that the Kraken does not aggro the player wearing this item. Running across the sea still takes some time but I think it would be fair that players who are Mist are able to cross the sea without having to use the boat. Players from different villages would still have to cross by boat.
  5. So you want to mask your identity without using a mask?
  6. Allowed? ANBU members can go out solo if they want, nothing is stopping them. Benefits? We have the least member spots while having the most opponents. ANBU has a base too, the ring is something you could remove and there wouldn't be much difference. He's done more visually not content wise.
  7. Unoffical Orgs will never get Org Missions. Akatsuki has had a place where you can get the so called "Organization Missions" for more than a year now, yet no actual missions have been added. There have been numerous suggestions for missions, numerous suggestions for content and requests for some events. We've gotten none of those. People act like we don't suggest anything to try to improve the Org. We've suggested a shitload of stuff over the duration the Akatsuki has been released. I'm prolly the one who suggested the most stuff. There is nothing any of us can do if Rory is not willing to do any actual stuff for Offical Orgs. People don't understand the position that Akatsuki is in. It's literally the most active Offical Org when it has the worst possible conditions to play in. We have a 10 member limit, ANBU have 12 player limit. We can't raid with other missings cause of FF, ANBU can raid with villagers. We have to fight whole villages and 20 member Orgs since we are a missing Org. All while literally being an Org like any other in the game with the difference being that we are limited in members and get "compensated" with a robe, base and ring which do not help us in any way to fight against the handicap that is put onto us.
  8. Lione stop being a sweaty tryhard. You posted here on 3 different accounts...
  9. How do we barely do "anything"? Most of the members are people that hunt solo or in duos, which is something that is encouraged RP wise even by Rory cause of the two man Akatsuki teams in the anime. Only on certain occasions do we actually gather larger amounts of people to raid. You fail to realise that 8-10 people from Taka equals half of your Organization's numbers. It's equal to Akatsuki getting 3-5 people online, which is a number which we've raided Leaf with but most of the Organization finds raiding Safe Zones pointless, which is why we do not do it and with 3-5 people there is a limit to what you can do. I don't know why you turned this into a personal attack, I didn't say anywhere that your Organization shouldn't get anything or that it doesn't deserve it. I simply said it needs to be an offical one for it to get anything so whoever is calling me toxic needs to learn how to read.
  10. You raid safe zones and do nothing useful, at the end of the day all you gain is Battle Injuries with no bounties claimed to show. There are members in the Akatsuki that have claimed more bounties than both of your Organizations combined and members which have been in the Akatsuki longer than most of your members have been playing the game. So don't talk about who would be allowed to be in the Akatsuki, you're just a passing trend.
  11. Congrats you won a 1v8 in a fully trapped small map?
  12. Good luck with Organization missions. Akatsuki has that for months already, maybe even a year, and we are yet to get any actual missions we can take. As Hashirama Cell said, you'd need to be an Official Org to get any benefits. If anyone deserves those it's the Akatsuki, look how many members you need to kill a single Kage, how many traps placed. When a single Akatsuki member can do what your whole Organization did.
  13. I think it is beyond obvious that there is some sort of a leak in the server code. When the server resets the game works perfectly, there is no misdirection at all and you will hit every Flicker+Kunai if you wanted to. As more time passes you can feel the game start to delay a lot more, a lot of misdirection will happen and projectiles will not hit when they are supposed to. After enough time has passed the server will crash. I heard that the server code might be redone in another language but I do not know how soon that will be. Would it be possible to restart the server every day in the time of the dailies reset to ensure that it doesn't delay as much as it did recently and in today's case lead to a crash?
  14. Since it's been said the server is possibly being redone in a new language, is there any chance the rubberbanding issue will be fixable? All the knockbacks in the game snare for a certain duration cause of the rubberbanding and you will sometimes experience it as well after a warp like Flicker/Substitution. If you don't have good ping the usage of Body Flicker as a gap closer becomes meaningless since you'll get snared after you use it. This has made PvP very reliant on mechanics that shouldn't even be there to begin with since the snare you get is only cause of rubberbanding, not cause it's an actual gameplay mechanic. Taijutsu and Gentle Fist can easily combo their knockbacks since the opponent will be snared, Fan users can easily punish opponents after their Substitution if they get snared making PvP sometimes feel very frustrating since you're not losing cause you did a mistake, you're losing cause you get Snared and there is nothing you can do about it since it's how the game handles the rubberbanding.
  15. Very abusable. That's a big no.