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  1. It's already a well known fact that Body Flicker is an intended gap closer which you're supposed to be able to combo jutsu with, I've always had issues about the fact that the only masteries which really make any use of this are Melee ones. Since a lot of instant cast CC jutsu have been turned into cast time ones, it's really hard to fight homing CC jutsu sometimes for an elemental mastery. So it came to my mind that maybe it could be made so that you are allowed to Body Flicker in the middle of a cast. For example an Earth user would be able to start casting Mud River and then use Body Flicker before the jutsu finishes casting to close the gap with the opponent. Since Elements have rather higher cooldowns they couldn't Body Flicker into such casts very often and since almost all of the CC jutsu Elementals have are on a cast time it would be way easier to predict such a Body Flicker cause of the cast animation.
  2. For some reason Treat Wounds Technique is healing for more health than Cell Regeneration Activation. I fail to see how is this possible when it's supposed to heal less health in a bigger time interval. Not to mention that it has less cooldown, chakra cost and only takes 1 second to cast. Cell Regeneration says it heals 120 HP over 9 seconds while Treat Wounds is supposed to heal 75 HP over 12 seconds, yet when a person has let's say a 100 chakra, Cell Regeneration will heal for 195 HP over the duration while Treat Wounds heals 300 HP over it's duration. Even if we go by some logic patching someone up with bandages shouldn't be healing more than regenerating someone's cells.
  3. As the title says, reduce the range of homings and flicker. There is no more distance in this game, you're always getting chased down by homings which are currently the biggest meta. 2v1 situations used to be winable, now you're just getting spammed by flicker and homings and there is literally nothing you can do about it, you can be the most skillful player that lands every projectile and aimed jutsu that you have and you'll still die cause some dude landed a flicker scalpel, flicker tai/gf combo or you got spammed by homing jutsu that simply do way too much damage. The game is getting so stale and unfun cause literally every recent fight I had was simply people spamming flickers and homings, there's never a moment where you say "damn this guy won cause of good aim", it's always just people spamming you with flicker combos and homings. I'm sure a lot of people will agree that this mechanic is something that is not fun and simply removes any chance of outplay. In case of body flicker if reducing range isn't possible, maybe the jutsu could be 1 second stand cast instead of being instant cast, with the animation of flickering, so people actually know they might be getting flickered. Being able to instantly close a distance of 8 tiles without any kind of drawback is simply way too strong.
  4. I'd like a hooded version of this. Edit: If there was a hooded version it would be cool if it blacked out your characters face and concealed your name. This item would be exclusive to missings and cost a lot of ryo tho.
  5. I don't know why tho, Fan doesn't have attack speed and cast speed scaling like Taijutsu does. Maybe the lvl 35 jutsu makes things better, but who knows when that might come.
  6. I said that the damage is low considering Fans are described as weapons that do heavy damage. It has 3 selfstuns. Your homing does 86 damage cause you took off the weapon lmao, with 110 str and 20 base damage it would do 59 damage. Barrage does 74 damage cause of 37 base damage it has, the scaling is low. Noone is cying over the melee change, it was a good change.
  7. Blue Fan has only 2 more base damage than a Seji. The damage is subpar if you take into account that it's supposed to be the strongest Fan. That's not fine damage for 110 STR on a mastery that is full of selfstuns and is supposed to be offensive. Not being able to pair it up with other masteries was never an issue, but before these changes the damage you did was at least on par with other masteries cause of stronger base damages that also had an effect on how much damage your jutsu do. Now the damage is simply too low.
  8. First thing is a no. The Fan being a ranged weapon makes sense and was a good change, it's just that the damage is a bit too low.
  9. Since the latest change to Fan wind with the melee now being ranged a lot of things about Fan have been changed to something that just don't feel right to me. First thing being is how much the base damages of Fan went down. The description of every Fan is that it's a weapon that's able to use wind to do "heavy damage". Even the strongest Fan (lvl 40) that is currently in the game doesn't do that much damage compared to how much damage a lvl 40 sword can do, but Fans are as I said supposed to be doing "heavy damage". Even when looking between different Fans a lvl 40 Fan only does around 4 more base damage than what a basic lvl 10 Fan is doing. Second thing is how low the scaling on Fan jutsu is. The description of the Wind mastery is that it's a mastery that is sharp, fast and deadly. Fan as a mastery is built to be a long ranged fighter, it's not some kind of a support mastery or a mastery like Taijutsu that is fast with low cooldowns, which is why I don't understand the low scaling on Fan jutsu. The damage of jutsu doesn't even scale with your Fan damage as well. I think that Fan jutsu should hit harder considering that they aren't that easy to land and you can get punished cause of selfstuns. Even the Fan homing which is a 2 second cast time one without any special effect does as much damage as my melee does. I think something should be done about this mastery to make it feel more like a Wind mastery which hits hard and feels deadly rather than doing such absurdly low damage.
  10. This is the biggest issue right now, homings and homing stuns rule the game, skillshots are meaningless.
  11. It's silly that a single target focused mastery, and a single target focused jutsu has become something that rules pretty much every group fight out there. With the removal of a lot of instant cast CC it's very hard to stop such a long ranged run cast jutsu in group fights. Group fights come down to people spamming cutters and then melting the stunned person in those 2 seconds of stun time. Something should be done to make this jutsu harder to pull off in group fights. My suggestion would be to make the jutsu a 3 second run cast with a bit faster move speed.
  12. It does, it always has.
  13. I've noticed that unlike how different swords change your sword jutsu damage, having a Fan with different base damage does not change how much damage your Fan jutsu deal. I don't know if this is intended or not but for a mastery that is supposed to be focused on collecting different weapons much like the Weapon Master, I think that your weapon base damage should affect how much damage your jutsu deal.
  14. Cause if it was run charge you couldn't use it to get out of Snares, and that's what it should mainly be used for.
  15. This all started to happen when @Seth tried to fix Lightning Cutter going full run cast after comboing it fast after an instant cast. That bug was fixed but this one is even worse, you literally can't combo any instant cast into a cast time without canceling your own jutsu.