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  1. If an opponent stops your cast you are unable to cast another jutsu until the moment the cast which was canceled would finish casting otherwise. This is not as obvious to people when their 1 second cast get stopped but if a longer cast like medic revive jutsu gets canceled, they are unable to cast for around 10 seconds. If you stop your own cast something like this doesn't happen, it only happens when the opponent does it.
  2. If you use a instant cast like let's say a tool like shuriken and try to use a selfstun jutsu like let's say Flame Bullet right after, the Flame Bullet won't cast but it will selfstun you for 1 second and black out your hotbar making you unable to cast. This is a really bad bug for PvP. Another bug with that occurs when comboing with instant cast is that if you use an instant cast and use a cast jutsu right afterwards really quickly, the jutsu won't have a cast bar and can't be canceled.
  3. Doing damage would be way too strong which is why if the clones copy jutsu they should do no damage. Even in the anime the basic clone jutsu didn't allow the clones to do any damage to the enemy, shadow clones were the ones who were able to do it.
  4. I think the Clone jutsu should completely copy the users animations. This would include DoT animation, cast hand seals, chakra charge, tool throwing, melees, jutsu. For melee, tools and jutsu only the real ones do damage, clones would just copy the animation and do no damage. Since other basic jutsu (Flicker, Cloak, Substitution) are what the combat is based on and Clone being one of the basic jutsu, I think it should be improved like this since right now it is really easy to tell between a clone and a real player which shouldn't be a thing considering the jutsu has a 2 second stand cast.
  5. Flicker is fine. It ends up being OP because of the absurd amount of instant cast jutsu that are used with it.
  6. I think Missing Ranks should be made to work differently. It should rank based on the amount of kills rather than ranking based on bounty. Instead of taking 1500 bounty for S-Rank it should take 1500 kills to get it this way. This way your rank can stay and it allows for stuff exclusive to S-Rank ninja. Exclusive missions, clothing or other benefits. In addition bounty gained should scale with rank: D-Rank 1x bounty per kill, C-Rank 1.25x bounty per kill, B-Rank 1.5x bounty per kill, A-Rank 1.75x bounty per kill, S-Rank 2x bounty per kill. This way killing a lvl 50 player as an S-Rank ninja would increase your bounty by 100 instead of 50 like it does now. Missing Ninja ranks should have more meaning to them since some people like playing without a village...
  7. design

    Good to see one of the biggest issues being fixed. I am quite saddened that Advanced/Mist is going to be delayed. I hope we will at least get some sort of balance update before the end of the year since this year's meta has become really stale and I find PvP hard to enjoy with all of these unavoidable and uncounterable combos.
  8. Yea it makes it hard to anticipate how the opponent will move since their movement glitches so much.
  9. In a way it makes sense that someone who has killed a 1000 ninja in total would be more wanted than a ninja that has killed 10 for example. Rather than making people have a base bounty it could be made that the amount of bounty you gain for a kill scales with the amount of kills you have.
  10. The jutsu cancel key should be rebindable to something else than escape or it should be made that when you cast a jutsu and press the same jutsu hotkey it cancels the cast. There are some run cast jutsu in the game which can be canceled and recast so it would be very useful if you could react more quickly when you see the jutsu might miss. Canceling such jutsu with the escape key is not fast enough with my hotkey setup.
  11. The second Cutter hit stuns for 0.1 second which is barely noticable. They might as well just remove it and have it only do damage.
  12. The jutsu says that it should be doing damage twice but when it is subbed it does not do 1 damage scaled with intellect to surrounding enemies. The order in which the attacks are done is wrong, it does Current cast first then does Lightning Cutter cast when it should be the opposite.
  13. Wild slashes go through sub as well which is intended and yet they are instant cast. I see no other reason why the jutsu would have 2 seperate casts if it wasn't for them to take 2 subs or take one and do damage.
  14. It's not working as intended imho, it has 2 hits so why are both not going off if the opponent subs.
  15. exactly why it should do the second hit through sub, it's hard to land and easy to interrupt, and masteries with 2 subs would still be able to sub both hits.