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  1. It was just an example of what could be done, but something has to be done for sure.
  2. People that have 10 ping sub punish each other. I fail to see what does ping have to do with it.
  3. That's just bad timing from your opponent from what I can see. And this is a scripted situation, not an actual fight.
  4. Wow you must have read something wrong. The highest duration for the silence I'd go for is 0.5 seconds lmao
  5. Seems good, the only thing that could still work is poison scalpel due to it having 3 tile range I guess.
  6. How is my post remotely close to saying "Hey this isn't working for us, change it because we don't like it." ? Have you ever PvPed in this game to know what works and doesn't? I have played long enough to know what I can and what I can't counter, getting punished off a Sub has very little to no counterplay.
  7. Punishing people's Substitution jutsu is currently the biggest meta in the game. Weapons like Fan or Pipe are used to help do this since you do not have to turn around for the melee to hit people making it even easier to punish Substitutions. I think that this is a very cheap mechanic that needs to be fixed somehow. It makes no sense to use a jutsu that is supposed to help you avoid damage just to take damage afterwards. As much as it was tried to make fights last longer, with the current meta you die rather fast to people punishing Substitution. I understand that Substitution is supposed to serve as a gap closer but something should be done to make it less punishing for the user since it's a jutsu that's supposed to give you some sort of an element of surprise and advantage in a fight rather than you being surprised by your opponents combo when you teleport to them. My suggestion is for the jutsu to silence the opponent for some short amount of time, around 0.5 seconds, to give some "surprise" factor to it. @Ueda #fixthemeta
  8. I think this jutsu should knock enemies back from the wall tiles cause currently people can Flicker on top of those and still damage you inside the wall. Since homings and AoE can still hit you inside the wall I think that it should at least completely defend you against projectiles... @Ueda
  9. Cause they are the ones that use up the most tools. I didn't forget about them, but those are projectile jutsu that you do not use as often so the consumption of tools from those is much lower. I don't know what and who you are fighting if you're running out of tools in 45 minutes. Maybe if you are sparring people, but if you're just out and hunting I don't see how that is possible.
  10. No mastery is good at each and every scenario you have mentioned. The most "normal" scenario is fighting on an open map where you can prepare in advance. You are exaggerating. Trap limit on maps is 25 traps, those traps last for 10 minutes. If u were to "play with ya boys on the playground for 30 minutes" you'd spend 60-70 tags at most, and that's if you are constantly trapping the same spot. You can also reduce this amount by only trapping with Bear Trap. Your teammates which most likely aren't INT WM can also bring tools for you in case you want to last longer.
  11. INT WM has an advantage over literally every mastery in the game. There is no mastery combo that will have an easy time fighting an INT WM in a well trapped map. The disadvantage for this is of course the cost of using jutsu and being limited by the amount of times you can use your jutsu before needing to buy tools again.
  12. Toad clothing? Hawk clothing? Slug clothing?
  13. The only change I think Wind needs is for the jutsu Vacuum sphere to knockback 1 tile with the spheres it shoots.
  14. The jutsu has 4 sec CD and 10 CP cost meaning you can literally spam it without caring since you will have it back right away. The argument for the jutsu is "being hard to land". That is not true. You will land it with Flicker, you will land it after Sub, you will land it when the enemy selfstuns, you will land it when the enemy tries to use a stand cast. Keep in mind these are scenarios where anyone "good" will at worst land the jutsu 8/10 times. The jutsu can also be landed purely by aiming as well. I think that the fact it stuns is simply too powerful, the stun should be replaced with a silence or the hitbox should be made bigger and the jutsu should slow for a short amount of time.