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Name: Kazuki Maj
Clan: Kazuki
Gender: Male
Age: 29

Village: Village Hidden in the Mist
Rank: Chunin
Occupation: Mist Military Police Force
Proficiency: Earth Ninjutsu



Maj has hair the color of the pure white snow in the land of iron, dark black eyes
as dark as the soul of a demon from the deepest, darkest pits of hell.
He wears a basic long sleeve black shirt with black baggy pants most of the time.
He wears a black mask mainly covering most of his face and the scar that is across his mouth. 
Most of the day he will be wearing the village vest he obtained from becoming chunin but outside
the village he loves to travel with a simple pancho covering most of his body.



Growing up in the hidden mist wasn't an easy task for Maj. People told him he was just to kind hearted for this village
and that it will get him killed. Though he was always put down by other he never really wanted to abandon 
the kindness in his heart. He felt he just wasn't born to be a blood thirsty demon like the rest of his family and friends.
One night Maj was outside a little after hours and was approached by some random kids a few years older than him.
They laughed while pushing him around and then one of them took out a kunai knife they had stole and slashed Maj's mouth.
A few years has passed and Maj had become of age to join the ninja academy. He wanted this to see if becoming a shinobi would help him to harden his heart and kill the feelings he had within it. He knew this was the only way he would be able to survive in this 
world even if it killed him inside he knew this is what he must do.