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Name: Steezo


Specialization: GF/WM

Rank: Leaf Chunin steezo1.png  S-Rank Criminal   Leaf Chivalry Chunin

ORGLMPF-Detective steezo.png

Specialty - Advanced personal trainer, Small scale fights, Spying

Personality: Intelligence, Fearlessness, Childish, Competitive

Familar quotes:

"the righteous suffer and the wicked thrive" 

"This is harassing world"



Ninja was in denial, because he'd rather have an evil friend than a good shadow; that shadow eventually leaves him by nightfall. When a sick person hopes to one day get better and live a normal life like everyone else. But instead gets nothing and dies sick realizing that his hopes were only empty hopes and nothing else.

A calm and quiet individual ninja who is partially interested in battle, only seeing his skills as a means of making himself useful. As a child, he didn’t want to hurt anyone and even liked flowers. Works hard at accomplishing anything he is assigned to, having great loyalty to God. He practically worships his master and believes that the only reason he exists is to serve the God. Steezo greatly dislikes weaker ninja, killing anyone he feels is weak, even if they were his ally. He has a sense of honor and fair play in battle and rarely shows emotions, only doing so if his ideals are threatened or insulted. Steezo also had a habit of underestimating more powerful opponents.

Eventually surrender to the harass and took his own life.