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Ninja Bio:

Name: Deviax

Village: Sand Takumi Mist

Rank: Sand Jonin Rouge Mist Genin

Organization: Sand Assassins  Neo-Pirates Akatsuki None

Chakra Nature: Wind/Earth Fan Weapon Master/Water


Tale Of Deviax:

Chapter 1: Suna - Origins

"It was another cold morning. Children were playing in the snow like everyday. 

Women were lighting a fire and men were hunting whatever they could but this time they found nothing. 

The other day young woman had died in her house. It wasn't something special here. 

This village was hidden in the mountains and there is cold all the time. 

People are dying because of animals and really hard earth. 

They used ancient language to communicate with each other. 

They were calling this place Devias. The Land of Ice. 

And one day Young man decided to leave this place. 

He was so curious what he can find behind the mountains around him. 

He took everything what he had and it was really not a lot. 

He didn't even say goodbye to them all and just moved right into the sun.
He was walking many days and when he started feel like he is losing his mind he saw it. 

The other world behind the mountains. 

He couldn't believe in this what he see. 

He started to run.

It was Suna. 

People gave him warm welcome and showed him everything. 

He called himself Deviax, after his home to never forget from where he is coming. 

He will always have his home in heart and a name."

Chapter 2: Takumi - Freedom

Deviax spend all of his life in sand village,
He became jonin of sand, Anbu leader, Council Member and right hand for some of the kages.
At some point he noticed the village isnt the same one as the one he grew up in.
Village mates became enemies, enemies became village mates, He saw kages rises and falls and keep doing the same mistakes and just not learning.
He saw people being selfcentred, focused solely on their ranks, titles and becoming the next kage.
He decided that sand isnt his home no longer. He put away his ranks and titles and went rouge, a pirate, an enemy to all villages.
Without rules, titles, ranks and politics, Deviax is now truely free.

Chapter 3: Mist - Home