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    In the Village of Suna, a boy was born.
    His parents gave him the name Nauq, because of his future:

N is for Number one, to make sure to take care of yourself above all others.
A is for Artistic, adding beauty into the world.
U is for Unite, bringing people together.
Q is for Questioning what is right.


    By the time Nauq reached five years old his parents were working very hard on their jobs in
the SMPF. They hardly had time for him in the day, only just evenings and barely even then. Thus, Nauq
as a young boy had to learn many things on his own. Nauq took walks to ponder on his life and one day upon
his walk, he met Jay. Him and Jay talked and learned they were very alike, for that reason they became
friends. Nauq and Jay became so close they were inseparable and after time, brothers. Nauq had very powerful
fighting abilities, where in first his battle he showed his skills to everyone. His jutsu were even able to
compete with the Kages of the villages. People started call him The Dark Wolf Of The Reapers because of his
vivacious ferocity.



    Soon Nauq was invited to the Vongola clan, now known as Shizuka. The pirates of Suna noticed Nauq's
ability and decided to invite him into the Desert's Pirates. After time the pirates faded. Then months passed and Nauq
was invited into the SMPF to protect the village's justice system, just like his parents did. Nauq accepted
the invitation. At some point his hard work and dedication landed him into leading the Sand Military Police Force.
Nauq as a strong adult ninja decided to become a chunin of the Suna. The heavy training prepared him and
made him a success in that way.