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  1. #KickTheNoob
  2. If you are gonna change a majority of the jutsu, it is only normal to change the mobs so it compensates.
  3. Welcome back son, @Zuh
  4. The "pirates" we know as of today aren't really impressive either. The ex-leader would even turn in his grave
  5. Bruh y'all all hating on my opinion
  6. I just said it would be nice, I'm happy with whatever we CAN get
  7. Perhaps the Chunin headbands aswell? They could give us alot more variety in customizing our character
  8. Just saw that the server has been up for over 100 hours, server is staying on it's feet!
  9. It is understandable why these tournaments won't happen anymore, I hope that the competitive PvP you speak of is gonna be a thing. Many people would indeed log on saturday purely for the tournament
  10. There are certain ways which are very efficient in order to kill them. You just gotta find out yourself or ask people you know.
  11. @Kuraen Wilkor You came back to play a bit more?
  12. Can I join too? @Atrane
  13. Great idea! @Yasunaga
  14. @Seth Isn't it supposed to show ??? when u have been defeated, masks really don't have a purpose if you would be killing them or die because either way they would find out it is you...
  15. You are a sand villager, ask people like @Nauq Vongola, @MrChubb The Kuraen & @Joseki Sashiba for more information.