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  1. Why not, people also really like the new Utility Vest in Mist.
  2. You're cool

    1. Katoko


      but im Cooler ;D

    2. Bolan


      Am I?

  3. A clan once known as Vongola scouting the danger zones of Nin Online.
  4. Nicely done, wish the Dev Team of Nin Online good luck.
  5. Another older player bites the dust, it was a good ride. /gg
  6. Sorry, community manager!
  7. Congratulations Leevi, too bad our old Cheif stepped down
  8. I'm glad you got exiled.
  9. If you are gonna change a majority of the jutsu, it is only normal to change the mobs so it compensates.
  10. Welcome back son, @Zuh
  11. The "pirates" we know as of today aren't really impressive either. The ex-leader would even turn in his grave
  12. Bruh y'all all hating on my opinion
  13. I just said it would be nice, I'm happy with whatever we CAN get
  14. Perhaps the Chunin headbands aswell? They could give us alot more variety in customizing our character
  15. Just saw that the server has been up for over 100 hours, server is staying on it's feet!