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  1. A lot to digest here, and like anything else Seth and Rory will add it to the game in the best state they can without mass testing. We will test it out and they will adjust with user feedback. I think there is a lot of good things here, but another thing to consider is that summons shouldn't necessarily be something that everyone in the game has. I know this is a tough thing to understand but I don't think we want 50 random frogs and scythe kittys on the screen and this is kind of the only way to stop that from happening. Maybe you disagree but from my perspective summons might not need to be accessible to everyone. The most likely scenario is they wont be op and the majority of hardcore players will not even bother using them in favor of better jutsu. The summons on release will most likely be a shit show, but in time seth and rory will make the necessary adjustments. I personally don't care about the process of getting them as long as they are interesting and worth using. Awesome post Zeke well thought out points.
  2. The shop looks absolutely awesome Ashido.
  3. People do this just to save bounty, I picked up on it quickly in my time playing and abuse the crap out of it. At least give the bear the bounty tbh.
  4. Ive only been playing for just under a month now and am level 43, Rory has been hyping this bossing content up so much and suddenly im unable to play it and get the brand new rewards? just increase damage and health and make a 50 version. I have been enjoying my time in game thoroughly but this is horrible.
  5. Hiruzen RP MIssions: The Hiruzen Clan will be hosting RP Missions for its Members, these missions will be utilized to serve a number of purposes for our Members. This includes: Conveying information about the Clans history. Meeting our members and letting them further develop their character's story. Teaching various skills to our new members which will be useful in the game. Providing clear goals to be met through which we can hand out promotions. The RP Missions will not provide any experience reward as the Official RP Missions do, they will generally be shorter with a single goal in order to better the clan and its members. Different Missions will have different requirements which can include level, number of members, or certain items or ryo. Members with the rank of Officer or Elder will have the resources to host these missions and will be required to complete any RP Missions within the Clan. RP Mission Rules: Our RP Rules will for the most part fall in line with the rules set down for the Official RP missions. Players are not entitled to RP Missions, and ranked ninjas may choose to deny them at any time. If they want to RP, the ranked ninja can announce that they have free time to take a team for an RP Mission. During the Mission, you should stay in Character for the duration of the mission. We want these experiences to enrich not only the clan's story but your own. For any non-RP speech, it should be encased in parentheses like so: (I have to restart the game) Remember to use /e for any RP actions you wish to take during the mission for example if I was to type: /e stares into distance // it will produce Jiroubou Hiruzen stares into the distance. The final rule is to expect things to go wrong and roll with it. It is Nin online and some of the RP Missions developed may be somewhat ambitious while a raid is in progress or missings are on the prowl. The Hiruzen RP Missions: This section will contain the requirements for each RP Mission and a brief description of the goals and purpose of the mission. This section will be updated to reflect our development of new RP experiences as the clan continues to progress. Hiruzen RP Mission I: The Hiruzen’s Hidden Past and Passages Requirements: Level 10 and the completion of the Leaf Seals mission. Team Members: May be completed solo or with a team of three. Description: Members and Recruits will take an initial journey with the Clans superiors to learn more about the Clans history and uncover Secrets of Konoha. The history of the Leaf Village is deep but you will have to venture deeper to uncover the past of the Hiruzen Line. Hiruzen RP Mission II: Hiruzen Infiltration and Seizure Requirements: Level 20 and 2000 ryo Team Members: Solo Mission Description: The Hiruzen Clan are masters of espionage and lend their talents to the Leaf in order to stay a step ahead of the enemy. For this mission, you will prove that you are as well, as your first stealth mission you will be pushed to your limits as you attempt to outsmart the enemies of the Leaf to achieve your goal. This Mission will serve as a rite of passage and any Recruit who completes the mission will be promoted to a full-fledged member of The Hiruzen Clan. Conclusion: This Clan was founded to promote character growth and build a community, we believe that RP missions in Clans are a great way to do this. The launch of these new missions is expected to be a Work in Progress and will likely suffer from many of the same shortcomings as the Official RP missions. Please bear with us, as we work out the kinks and if we are successful I hope more RP missions appear in the other prominent clans in Nin. For the first week, these missions will be conducted on a limited trial basis until the system is more formalized. Thanks for Reading!
  6. This issue is still happening for me and also was an issue for a friend who is low-level gentlefist which relies on a jutsu to do auto attack damage XD.
  7. Yeah I'm sure pets would eventually be implemented but as a jutsu mastery, Look up Kiba Inuzuka on youtube or something to get some anime reference for how pets work in anime land.
  8. Battle injuries are pretty punishing, but I believe it was implemented for the purpose of making you wait and relax in the village. In this game as a new player you simply cant go it alone. You need to make relationships and have people help you accomplish your goals. In some ways having BI slow down your gameplay and chill in villages actually facilitates the friendships that will actually allow you to survive in a world full of level 50s all trying to murder you for their mission.
  9. A tragic tale and perfect for the Hiruzen welcome my friend.
  10. Welcome to the Family Iesu, we look forward to seeing you progress.
  11. Origins: During the earliest days of man, three tribes formed upon three mountain peaks each overlooking the Naka River. Each of the tribes fought for control of the River and its valuable resources. For centuries these clans fought, thousands upon thousands of bodies were piled up over the years. Eventually, the bodies counted too many to bury so a ritual was held at the formation of each full moon. where the Three clans would gather and send the departed down the Naka River to be carried to the afterlife. Despite this one sign of peace between the clans, the battles continued and whenever two of the clans met blood was sure to follow. One summer a heatwave struck the three mountains and lasted for months. The snow on the peaks melted and washed the clan's shelters down into the river valley, clansmen died not from war but from exhaustion trying to work the fields, and one day the Naka River Valley dried up. Each of the clans had an elder who had mastered their Chakra and had proven themselves in combat. These elders held a secret meeting to discuss the current state of the clans of the three peaks. A deal was struck, the war would end in order to survive the brutal summer. Unfortunately, war for the clans was not a simple choice, it was a way of life and the only way they knew. Rage and disdain flowed deep within each of the clansman blood. Murders and brawls were commonplace in this new settlement and the elders knew a simple treaty was not enough if they wanted their people to survive the calamity which had struck. If the clans were to survive more drastic measures had to be unleashed. The elders once again met during the burial ceremony, during which the clansmen were now burying their comrades under the river bed, in hopes that the water would once again return to the Naka to carry them off. The elders decided that war could only be stopped if the old wounds of war were first washed away. For the next month, the elders drained their chakra until they were near the point of death in order to release their people from the specters of war. Eventually, when the physical bodies of the elders had far surpassed their breaking point the elders discovered a different chakra form which was created primarily from their spiritual energy. The elders released a jutsu so powerful it pulsated through the River Valley affecting every citizen enclosed by the three mountain peaks. This Yin Release Jutsu was known as "Risetto" and was quickly hidden away under the mountains so it could never be used again. This long-range genjutsu had not only wiped the minds of all the clansmen but replaced the memories with new ones. Old enemies had become brothers and sisters and those who had died were washed away once the river's water returned, just as easily as their memories had been destroyed. Those who remained became the Hiruzen Clan which still remains as one of Konoha's oldest families. The story of the elders was maintained in their offspring and carried through the generations known only by the clans highest ranking members. Although many of the clans strongest members have passed on during the Great Ninja Wars the clan is on the rise with the newest generation. The Hiruzen Clan prides itself on its deception and cunning utilizing its jutsu to confound and mislead opposition. The Hiruzen clan now lends its ninja to the Konohagakure Intelligence Division. The Hiruzen are known for their ability to retrieve information no matter the cost and their genjutsu torture techniques which have yet to kill a captive before retrieving the required intel. Requirements to join: -Level 20 -Name Change to ____________ Hiruzen -No affiliation with another clan -Must be a leaf Ninja Applications: Name: Mastery: Level: Brief Bio: Ranks: Elder: As in the earliest days of the Clan, the Hiruzens have three Elders who run all clan activities and serve as the clan's leaders. The Elders are selected periodically by the clan through an election during which everyone with the rank member or above may vote. If an Elder has neglected their duties an officer can recommend that the Elder is removed from the position. If the officer is justified is his accusations a council will be held to determine the Elders fate. Officer: Officers are the administrators of the clan and guide the newer members, Officers are selected periodically by the three ranking elders. Member: Members are recruits who have completed the Hiruzen Clan RP Mission. Recruit: Recruits are Clan members who have met requirements and have been accepted through the application process. Members: Elders: @Yin Hiruzen @Godric Senju Officers: @Jiroubou Hiruzen Members: @Venrox Hiruzen @Amenophus Hiruzen @Katara Hiruzen @Amai Hiruzen Recruits: @Ashido Hiruzen @Omu Hiruzen @Iesu Hiruzen @Velocity @Hatsue Seki @Jinichi @Shojiro Conclusion: We wanted to make a clan with a cool story that players could join and build a story of their own. We are looking for active players who want to make a ninja of their own, with its own personality and backstory. Having a clan in Nin can be a great experience and we expect all members to assist and protect each other whenever the need arises. If you have any questions please contact @Jiroubou Hiruzen Or @Yin Hiruzen. This post will continue to be updated in the future with Ranks and Events for the clan. Thanks for reading!