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  1. "moron" Lmao. nice posts everybody love seeing these high tier fights up on the forums.
  2. Interesting thought, making one of the clan abilities within the village similar to mind transfer jutsu. Allow them to either utilize vchat or invent a new system which allows them to see existing team chats within the village to send out information.
  3. This should be a HitSpark sponsored event. Rory break out the pixel streamers and booze. KEK IS 50, the leaf is doomed.
  4. Not saying it should be fair im saying that during village defense it should be swayed in favor of the defense. Cause you attacking a village it should be filled with ninja. This is the only time I believe BI warriors to be truly overpowered.
  5. BI Warriors is the only way for a village to defend against a force with superior size. the only time BI warriors gets out of hand is when you are attacking and the hospital is just a map away. This makes sense to me at least. Im sure takumi is a different dynamic but getting rid of BI warriors would make raids super easy.
  6. There is a whole chain on this from Mikecw.
  7. Also to put this post into perspective Itachi here is playing a build specifically for assassinations and can do a 600dmg inescapable combo off of chidori. He wants crits to create more potential for burst. I think this is hilarious but also may not be fun for the person being attacked.
  8. hey Tameshi, this topic comes up by new players every couple of months. Last time I believe Seth tried to fix this and implement something like you recommended. I think it was more difficult to add then he had expected so he made some post comparing the technique of feeding yourself to bears as denying a creep in a moba. Its a good idea just thought you should have some further context on this particular topic.
  9. Thanks for showing up guys, hopefully we can keep providing new experiences for players. Godric tries hard to keep these consistent.
  10. Ossas for kage. What an insightful trash post.
  11. Nice idea. Or even a flare type item that you can shoot off and just vchats specific text. "Mikecw lights flare in Bears 1" something like that.
  12. Just train your jutsu on each other while you wait for BI.
  13. Soon Pms gonna be clan specific like a mind transfer technique xD. RP WILL PREVAIL!!!
  14. @Tameshi Hinode I am confused by your post you provide very little evidence as to why it would be a bad thing. It would bring the functionality from discord into the game for users who do not use discord and would make finding RP teams easier which is a good thing. Then you say it could work but also dont explain this. You do all this after saying please no which is also not helpful input.
  15. This is a good idea and translates well to int tai as well. Rock fists from the Land of stone etc. Makes sense and im sure Rory has plans to implement some of these concepts.