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Name: Jiroubou Hiruzen                         Alliegience: Konoha                                       Clan: Hiruzen                                          Rank: Genin

Age: Unknown                                        Height: 5'11''                                                   Weight: 190lbs                                      Personality: Intense



 Jiroubou has no memories of his childhood, no idea what age he is, or any recollection of what his life may have been like. The first memory Jiro can bring himself back to is being found by the Ginsu Hiruzen a Chunin of the Hidden Leaf. Once Ginsu and Jiro returned to Konohagakure Jiro was given a choice, live with the orphaned children of the village or become a Hiruzen and learn the way of the ninja. Jiroubou picked up the kunai and has not put it down since. 

Training to become a ninja especially at his age was difficult, many of the academy students were younger and did not care to know the older Jiro. The personal training he received from his new family was quite unsuccessful as the genjutsu of the Hiruzen clan is exceedingly difficult to master. Later while practicing the Hiruzen clone jutsu, they observed the clones Jiro produced were water clones. Jiro was then sent to be trained by a Jonin believed to be descended from an ancient line trained by none other than Tobiwara Senju. Jiroubou quickly mastered his Water Release with his new teacher and became a powerful ninja in the academy gaining the respect of his peers.

After Graduation, Jiro was ecstatic to finally be a genin and wore his Leaf Headband with pride. He was assigned to Team 13 with the other Genin Djon Ryokaku and Venrox. Together they've gone on countless missions, they 've traveled to the snowy peaks of the West,  Seen the darkest caves of the Desert, and challenged rouge ninja who stood in their way. Jiro has proven to be determined, hot-headed, and a master of stealth in each of his missions. Through it all though, Jiro's true ambition was clear. Join the Anbu Black-Ops and explore the world, in search of his true home.