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  1. I feel as though you had good intentions for this but to use an aviary takes too much time before we can catch the enemy. It’s not because of lazy ness but let’s say a missing cloaked through larvae and killed the low levels at tigers to raise their bounty, most low levels do not realize the changes we have and how to use them and this will leave us oblivious that there is a threat near. Also if they did manage to use the aviary, the amount of time it took to use it the missing may have already ran to tanzaku hospital to avoid death because we all know they aren’t just going to wait there. This also gives akatsuki ninjas more time to use their rings and escape. Same goes for sand, their aviary is below the village. By the time all the ninjas are killed in danger zones, the distance they’ll have to run to alert their villagers is the same as leaving sand or enough time to escape and hide in long desert for example.
  2. No problem now stop killing my alt please e.e
  3. Perhaps we could do as in the anime when Gaara was revived. Give a fraction of hp to the fallen and if the revive is interrupted then the medic just loses the hp and has to use another fraction of his hp to revive. (The fraction used can be given to the fallen and the amount of the fraction well... you guys can decide on the amount). However I’m not suggesting this, it is merely an idea for someone if they truly believe it needs a rework. I’m personally fine with the way it is. (Big thanks to Master Gen the god of medics for saving me ^^)
  4. Jun’s palms are sweaty Knees weak arms are heavy There’s vomit on Jun’s Jonin vest already Niti and Himitsu’s spaghetti
  5. Any and all events that have a prize hosted by a GM should be announced on discord to everyone so the ones who are not online or decide to take a break from Nin because of boredom can know to come back on. I’ve missed two events this weekend that just passed because one was hosted right after I logged off (I could’ve logged back in if I had known) and the second one because I chose to lay in bed rather than logging in to Nin immediately. Thank you!
  6. While having 200 is a good number for average players, one can find that they are almost if they’re someone who likes to spar a lot like me. I think there should be an increase in the capacity, and not just by another 100 I mean much more so we don’t have to keep running to the tool shop when we’re low.
  7. Unfortunately there is no mastery resets. On the bright side you are only level 10 which is achievable very fast (provided you commit to grinding and your missions) so you are not losing out on much time. Let a friend hold your ryo and items and just restart. Best of luck to you!
  8. Game

    Right click Nin Online. Click open file location. Click bin and delete the d3 file in there. After you delete the file right click client in the file and run as administrator.
  9. It is all part of “the vision”. 2018 isn’t over guys have hope
  10. Looking forward to this very much!
  11. Rory wanted 40 chakra points regenerated per fight, but to aquire 40 chakra points one would have to fight for 26 minutes. This is 99% of the time not achieved because most fights do not pass 5 minutes. You guys intend on shirokata users to spar 26 minutes to reach your intention? After 10 minutes of sparring one may as well throw in the match because pvp is not enjoyable enough for one to spar that long. Better solution would be to reduce the percentage at least however what it was before was not an issue and I’ve sparred with multiple Weapon masters who used shirokata. I do not mean to be rude in anyway but I would like to point how that it is is the community who play the element and not you. We understand the fundamentals of how something is used in pvp. We know if a fix or change is needed for something. Most of the time when I see you online you’re in the leaf square AFK. Any other game master only uses new Justus, GM heal, GM revive, or there melee so they aren’t even testing the sword. For the sake of the weapon masters in this game I highly suggest for you to reconsider the mechanism you guys intend for shirokata. Thank you.
  12. Not sure how to clearly explain this but I believe that clothing slots should just determine the number of clothing you can wear or it needs a rework. The issue here is some clothings remove other clothing where it does not make a lot of sense. One example is when I wear my back shuriken it removes my black gloves if equipped or double bandages if equipped. It’s on your back so I don’t see a reason for it to remove something on your arm. We can’t wear both but we are able to wear two headbands? (Normal headband and hermit headband) Also when I equip a cigarette it removes my hermit headband if I recall correctly. I believe that allowing us to freely wear our accessories will give us more ways to customize our looks.
  13. This event sounds very interesting indeed, I look forward to it!!!
  14. To be quite honest I am not entirely sure if this is the correct area to be putting this in but I would like to say that I do not understand why it is only allowed for levels 1-30 to enter the event log in Training grounds. I feel like it could be a great idea to allow any level "leaf" player to enter to make training easier. Sure a medic can come to TG and revive the fallen, however wouldn't it be less of a hassle if a chunin (possibly non medic also) could open the event log for two level 50 ninjas who do not have a medic to spar. If you die you automatically spawn there with full health and no BI so you can continue sparring each other with no delay. Also in group fights 3 v 3 when someone dies they can spawn there and move from the way without one of the 6 who are sparring to stop and revive. I just think it would be a greater benefit to increase "training" in training grounds. Also I did not mean it negatively when I said I did not understand the point of only being 1 - 30. There could be a point but I do not know it, however I think this idea should be taken thought too. Thank you.
  15. Not even close to a tournament but overall I do agree with you.