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  1. 1 is why it should be added Skip to 2 For what is proposed (1)We understand that for the outlaw nature of Takumi And Tanzaku Missing Ninja are able to attack each other no matter the zone or toggle, with players in a mising ninja organization not being able to attack each other unless their Pvp is ON. However, in times of being raided Missing Ninja realize that there is a other enemy that shall be dealt with and even though we decide to attack the enemy who is invading our home and put aside our differences, there is the issue that us trying to work together do more harm than good using aoe jutsu or our high damage skill usually end up hurting us more than helping us. You can see why this severely puts us at a disadvantage when we decide to work together. (2)My proposal is that we introduce a new Toggle for Missing Ninja, The Ally/Truce Toggle every missing ninja that has this toggle on no longer do damage to each other, both counter parts must have this toggle turned on to no longer recieve damage from each other. With this new toggle missing ninja who realize that there is a bigger threat to be dealt with before hand will be able to fight all out and defend their own as they say The enemy of my enemy is my friend. It would be great if this would also work outside of Takumi so that all of missing ninjas can perform raids, but i see gameplay wise and rp wise it'll just make missing ninja a village but within the borders of takumi the Truce Toggle should be an option to enable.
  2. Parcel delivery give 19,200 exp where as its counterpart Danger Dango gives 3200 exp , both similar mission but a huge gap in exp amount rewarded. One can argue that the Dango mission is harder even tho its less rewarding since you have to make it to takumi and back without dying, where as parcel mission you make it to takumi and you can freely die as a shortcut to get back to your village. There fore i propose that Danger Dango at least get buffed to a similar amount of exp as its counterpart or More
  3. The title was definitely click bait however this is a drawing of my vision cant wait for summons !
  4. Chief just called he said this is it
  5. Were you not here when that new fire jutsu got added? it was a little thing just a jutsu and the player activity skyrocketed that day and people came back just to see it/use it, you may say it wasnt that much people but the activity did increase surrounding that time, Imagine a big content update that would bring back players advanced masteries, Summons, and the new village. I hear you saying that, that is no longer the case but this isnt where we come to drown a pessimism, this suggestion was made for people who love the game and want to see it get better and just won't accept a casual, just let it die theres nothing you can do, when there is things that we can still do and until then ill still be here in support, I agree that the devs work have been slow but as long as we have people in that discord waiting for more content there is still much to do in making the game better
  6. Having all off the player base in one village is not good for the game and if you disagree with that statement youre probably apart of the problem, and rather be selfish than think of what's good for the game instead of pointing fingers, Leaf having a greater number is not the issue its the ratio of HOW MUCH they outnumber, that is killing the game, and part of that reason is because they wont allow new players to enjoy the game
  7. Lol. You assume that this is an alt account because someone agrees with the suggestion, do you usually just go making accusations like that without having proof or any basis to state those claims on? Anyways i am not an Alt account for one, And its good that they had a wipe when sand was first added it shows that the Owners atleast arent listening to you and know what theyre doing. Hopefully they repeat the action and also read over some of the other suggestions posted in this thread like the Bounty/Leveling suggestions
  8. Wow i completely agree this would solve so much of Nin's Problems, and bring back so many players, it would also stop the leaf from bullying villagers with lower levels. Literally anyone who joins sand is spam killed and quits the game or just remakes in leaf. A server wide reset with the new villages seems like the best way to introduce the new content and give players a fresh start on Nin Online that coupled with Summons, and Advanced Masteries is a great idea