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Personal Intro: Hi I'm Nova well my name's Nexo due to a mistake with the name change and my previous game names are Nexo but anyway, I'm a 16 year old guy who's just interested in gaming and coming across Nin Online was a good opportunity for me and as some of you may know I've decided to begin a series called the Legends of Nin where my character Nova/Nexo/Nexo Jr/Nova Jr (whatever you'd like to call me) will be going on an adventure based on the new era of shinobi where he will have to overcome many challenges along with his friends and mentors such as Eagly, Shirou, Kyreno, Ishyn and many more of the cast as he ventures too...…. Oh no you thought you were gonna get the plot? Well don't you'll find out a bit about the show soon in our sneak peak of Legends of Nin.