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[ Name : Seyrum ]


[ Clan : Fuma ]


[ Age : 16  ]


[ Status : Deceased, missing-nin ]







Within a narrow glass flask, a papyrus tinted piece of paper was rolled up, waiting to be unraveled and read.


Dear You,


                           This is a small tale of something I never got to tell. Just an excerpt from my life; it'll be short and sweet. . .


           I was born into a small village on the outside borders of the Land of Water. I had a family, they died a few months after we were thrown out from being called a disgrace by our previous leader. At the time, I was merely 6 years old, young yet enthusiastic to begin my future journey. I wasn't super caught up with the events back then, but all I knew was that we were leaving home and going elsewhere. It could've been a few months or even years until we came up into the Land of Fire. I could be exaggerating, however, when we reached the gates to the Hidden Leaf Village, Mama and Papa were dead. I was starving, cold, exhausted, and filthy. They let me in, they accepted me, they even told me my new age (7)! Even though I never saw Ma, Pa, or my home again, the Leaf ninjas gladly took me in and raised me. For the next 8 years, it would officially be my new home.


            Once my 8 years had flown by, I began to realize how many friends I had made, how many faces I knew that knew me too, etc. I  had such a luxurious, fortunate life. I took up training in mastering the Earth-style in pursuit of becoming one of the best shinobi out there. I wanted to prove that this lovely life that blessed me was actually worth it and that all of this motivated me to try harder. My loyalty to the village was undying, that I would stay forever, defending and fighting for them until I passed. Or so I thought.


            On July 19, all of my thoughts twisted. I had a surge, maybe it was puberty, telling me that I could do better and live better. There was a ninja I had known for the 8 years of my life within the village before he left. I thought about this decision probably over a hundred times, and the promise I had kept to myself had been broken in an instant. I scratched my headband- no, I tore it off and laid it to the side of where I had resided within the gates and took my leave. It was then I would have to say my farewell to Leaf and greet my new home, Fuma.

I never got to complete it because I couldn't write it all, but it's hilarious to say:


08/01/2018 Seyrum is permanently inactive and gone.


Farewell to those that treated me nice, farewell to those that murdered me out of spite yet I would always try to treat kindly.

And especially you Deathmall and Aramos and Ton and Tsuneko, thank you for always helping me.



"I don't know what's in store, and I don't care. I'll keep moving and I'll only be able to know when I see it."

- Seyrum