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  1. no u
  2. LOL........this is exactly how I got my first two strikes in leaf......the third was accidentally killing a friend in danger zone.
  3. I don't think it should stop chakra regen entirely since chakra was nerfed and made into a very important stat in the game. Everyone absolutely needs to charge chakra often except chakra medics(pls nerf). However, it should probably tick for 5 chakra instead of 3, I think the 3 chakra tick is very underwhelming.
  4. Yeah but here is the problem with the current system. So if two people are grinding meaning they are killing double the mobs, assuming they are almost complete in sync using their cooldowns, they kill 2 mobs every 20 sec giving 100% exp. On the other hand a person is using their cooldowns to kill a mob every 15 sec(the 5 sec less is to account for the fact that you aren't going to kill mobs at the exact same time all the time) giving 100% exp. Then in 1 min time the solo player gets 400% exp and the team gets 300%. It's almost like a punishment being in a team. @Seth