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  1. Good luck with your clan Tate!
  2. Iam sure you will lead us to many great things, Elo. Congratz again and don't let us down!!
  3. Kuraen Clan Leader - Kuraen Elodin @Kuraen Elodin Village- Leaf Clan Name- Kuraen (Comes from combing word Kuro meaning black and Kaen meaning Flame) Activity- Currently 12 active members, mainly participating in defending the Leaf village from enemies also hunting it’s enemies and other criminals. Also active in roleplay, helping out new people and hosting clan events. Clothing- Already exists in Leaf clothing shop Information- Wolf clan inspired by Inuzuka and Jugo clan with ability to use senjutsu to transform in to wolf like creature known as Akuma no Okami Link to clan page:
  4. It was fun, thanks for hosting this @Deathmall Sasayaki @Ishyn Sasayaki and the rest of the Sasayaki clan!
  5. Totally agree with this!
  6. @Woo Jakusha lvl ur wu tang alt boi
  7. Well it's a fact that before jakusha left sand finally had a decent amount of players again, now it's just 3 lvl 50's and some random lvl 15s. Imo jakusha leaving is a big loss for sand in manpower.
  8. Lmfao steezo where have u been? Make it happen cause it's once again more satisfying to raid takumi than sand, they have more 3 times more people on lol
  9. With the leave of the Jakusha clan sand is empty once again... So good luck.
  10. Loool u know that never works
  11. Iam touched by its background story..
  12. Thank you for your service as Hokage Ishyn, was a pleasure serving you. I'll come visit you in the retirement home and drive you around in your wheelchair!
  13. I miss Avatar in here.. He would win!! I smell corruption!
  14. Nerf lightning it's to OP, buff GF give vacuum palm no cd and lifesteal!