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  1. I've been getting selfstunned after throwing a kunai and try to cast after it, for the past 2 days, and it's literally unplayable! I can neither move or cast for half a second to a full second after throwing a kunai. I already have enough selfstuns as it is. I'm not laggy, or at least not laggier than usual and I've no idea what's causing it, it just randomly started happening yesterday and now it happens after every kunai I throw. @Seth @Ueda
  2. Lag

    I think it is. I've been laggy all day today.
  3. @Seth
  4. A thread like this probably already exists, or even multiple of them, but it's still not a thing, so.. let us reroll zodiac signs. It isn't a tremendous stat boost, obviously, but it's still lame that it's RNG and certain people get the right charms and others are stuck with something that they can't even use. 5 points in HP or damage stat can be the difference between winning and losing a fight. If you're gonna introduce stat boosts, let everyone benefit from them equally. Make it like 1k or 5k or whatever for reroll, or increasing cost with every reroll. Before someone says "it's not RP to change signs", there probably isn't even zodiac signs in Naruto and if there are, they would be completely different. And my RP character can change zodiac signs at will, how about that? Also, for the record, I've only gotten the sign on 1 account and I got % chakra, which is useful for every mastery. I'd just rather be able to have the option to decide what charm to get.
  5. really helpful and insightful thank you what would this game do without bright minds like yourself
  6. hi, i became a rogue ninja a few weeks ago and ive only been getting low EXP reward missions.. i get 30k missions on a daily basis and frankly im starting to lose interest. people that were the same level as me are now 4-5 levels above me because it takes me a week to get 1 level. its already hard enough to do them, but they arent even worth doing. it takes me hours to get enough bounty for those missions but they are at least rewarding. i only have time to grind on weekends and i dont intend to spend a year to get to level 50. getting 30k missions every day when im level 37 (been the same level for days now, took me a week to get there from 36) is getting ridiculous. and i know for a fact that im not the only one, ive spoken to other people.. pls fix this @Ueda @Seth