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Alias: Black Flash

Age: 18

Clan: N/A

Mastery: Fire/Water

Rank: Chunin

Likes: Teamwork, Intellectuals, Training

Dislikes: Authority, Restrictions, Abuse of Power

Specialties: Quick Maneuvering, Adapting, Pressure



  "A Blessing" 

     He was raised in a rag-tag town known as Tanzaku. He was a loner, no parents, no friends. The townspeople saw him as nothing but a thief and trouble maker. The only guidance he had was a cranky old man who went by the name of Odayaka. Oddly enough this name didn't fit him at all. The name means "Calm" which was  pretty much the opposite of his character. He was impulsive, hot temper'd, and very quick for his age. We did not get along very well. Although him and I....had something very in common. We both knew what it was like to be alone. I was abandoned at a very young age. My first encounter with this man was when I bumped into him after I had stolen some meat and a kunai from a sales merchant. This person was no ordinary merchant though, he was a genin. Not knowing this I didn't look back and thought there was no way he could keep up. My reasoning for this wasn't too far fetched though, even at a young age I was always light on my feet. Always running i built up a lot of confidence in my speed. My over confidence may have been the biggest mistake I could've made though. The merchant caught up within seconds, knocked the kunai out of my hand and brutally beat me. The old man found me on the street with torn up clothes, ripped bandages, and no lotion. He saw the merchant standing next to me and gave him two options. His options were to be content with the punishment he gave me and walk away ... or.... to continue and receive the punishment he gave me one hundred times worse. The merchant believed since he was an old man the options he gave him were an empty threat and started to approach the old man . This confidence proved to be his downfall. This old man had apparently been a former Anbu blacks ops agent. He subdued the merchant in an instant and mercilessly continued his furious assault even after the merchant's body was unresponsive. He then brought me to a mountain cave on the outskirts of Tanzaku. This was where he lived. He didn't explain too much of his past to me, but it was clear everything he cherished...was taken from him. In the begining we were not fond of each other. Even still he saw the pain of loneliness deep inside of me. He wanted me to be able to fend for myself. He began training me. While training he also noticed my speed, not just my ability to keep up a high pace physically but my ability to make quick decisions under pressure. Which resulted in me progressing much faster than expected.

  "Isn't it lovely...all alone"

Time passed.. This young boy had grown into a very skilled individual. He would of been considered a prodigy. Only fourteen years of age with the skills and awareness to hold his own against genin. He learned about chakra natures from Odayaka, and he discovered his was fire. Unlike other people his age who were far less skilled, he was not in the ninja academy. He did not want to become a ninja. The idea of risking his life for an ungrateful village that never did anything for him didn't settle well with him. Even though he was not interested in becoming a ninja he did like how strong he had become. He was boasting with confidence, thinking that the power he has now could rival anyone. This confidence once again.. led him astray. He slacked off on his training, did not listen to his mentor Odayaka and did what he wanted. There was a deep secret that was kept from him. Odayaka was not just a former anbu agent. He was a spy that acted directly under the Hokage. Constantly feeding vital information on the weaknesses of The Sand Village. At night, 5 ninja wearing masks and sand color'd hoods attacked the cave after receiving an anonymous tip on where the Anbu agent resided. Odayaka even in his old age was able to withstand the heat of battle. With odds stacked against him four versus one he was still able to hold his own. I fought the fifth ninja. This was my very first taste of a real battle. Over confidently I charged at this ninja thinking I could overwhelm him, not knowing the difference in our strength. I may have been strong, above average  for my age, but this was not a ninja in my league. He was a sandbu who had far more experience than I.  Overwhelm'd by such power I was knocked unconscious, but before the enemy could finish me off Odayaka saved me. This wasn't the kind of saving that that led to a happy ending though.. When i woke Odayaka's body had been on the ground next to mine with a huge gaping hole in it. They apparently had an assassination mission to kill him, and left as swiftly as they came when their job was done. This was my first time experiencing true sorrow. I cried and cried and the pain in my heart would never subside. I had truly been alone. Before, I had not experienced companionship, compassion, admiration , or any form of endearment. Losing a bond like this was a trip to hell..


  "Heart made of Glass...My Mind of Stone"

After the incident, the boy was sent to the village hidden in the leaves... Konohagakure. Odayaka had foreseen people coming after his head, so he asked the fourth hokage @Ishyn Sasayaki to provide @Jin Tensei with a place to live in the village and to enroll him in the academy. Jin would train every day with regret in his heart. Regret that he could not protect the one person who did not turn his head in disgust at him. He was already quick on his feet , what he lacked was endurance and experience. He knew he couldn't gain experience by doing nothing but training, so he worked on his endurance. Pushed his body to the limit, making himself faster than he thought possible and his stamina all but limitless. He was still not happy though, he felt pain and rage. His new strength was nothing to be proud of for him. If he had taken this training seriously before then maybe he wouldn't of been as useless he thought. Unable to fill the void he wanted vengeance. He had prepared his tools, gathered his pills and set out the sand village. He proceeded to go and take his revenge against the sand on his own at nightfall . Not everything goes as planned though. When he got to KBridge he came across three other ninja, were they enemies? He noticed their headbands were from the leaf. The ninja were @Vin Tensei @Kin Tensei and @Sin Tensei. They also held rage in their hearts, missing and sand ninja took what was dear to them. All four ninja had the same intentions. Jin acknowledged their strength, as he had seen them before sparing in the training grounds so he decided to work with them. They almost made a very bad mistake though. A chunin,  @Aramos Mirana had been scouting ahead for a spy mission he was given. He had seen that their were fifteen sands around tunnelers getting ready to try and raid the leaf village. He stopped the four genin and brought them back to the leaf. He then informed the kage of the sands whereabouts. Everyone then prepared themselves and defended against the sands. The four genin stuck together throughout this and still fought. They protected each other. Jin's quick reflexes and chakra control with fire paired well with Sin who also had the ability to control fire and make quick decisions. Vin had very swift kenjutsu treating his sword as if it were part of his own body. This helped defend against enemies charging from a distance. Kin was a holder of the gentle fist, if any enemies got past vins blade they were quickly immobilized. Even though this was Jin's first time working with them their team work had been completely in sync. In the midst of battle he was able to completely put he trust in these three and they returned that trust to him. They were able to fend off the sand village with no casualties on the Leaf's end and a new bond may have been created.


    "New Beginnings"

After the battle, they were amazed at how well they worked together. He continued to hang around these three. Theybecame friends, closer than friends. Trained together, laughed together, and grew together. We had formed a brotherhood together. After much time had passed the four split up to become stronger and decided to meet again in the next year. Jin did not know where to start. He had been training his body physically constantly and had already acquired unrivaled speed. Luckily for him though, the Chunin that saved the four genin @Aramos Mirana was in the mountains training when I had arrived. He helped me learn of my second chakra nature, Water. After learning I went to go master it on my own. When it was time the brothers came together again, they were older,  much stronger, and more experienced. They could not only protect themselves but the people around them.