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  1. battle tactic
  2. they sure dont
  3. i like the whole aviray, makes more realistic. but yeah, he could perhaps add like a messenger hawk you can purchase that lets you do one vchat.
  4. Gunbai Uchiwa (軍配団扇, Gunbai Uchiwa, Literally meaning:army arrangement fan), is a non-folding fan, carved from an unique spirit tree from which only ritualistic instruments are made. This Gunbai has been passed down between Uchiha clansmen for generations.[1] ^ a speical fan for uchiha only, not a normal fan.
  5. I never saw a leaf ninja in the show with a fan, so why would they get them ingame? Only makes sense tbh. Like the change, people only got it for the knockback. Now alot of people may lose their fighting power ;>
  6. It could just be the way it kinda is now, but like you said. It can go level base: lvl 2-9 players E lvl 10-19 players D lvl 20-29 players C lvl 30-39 PLayer B lvl 40+ players A/S Just once a day, any 3 random genin can go grab a C rank mission, they are all level like 21, 26, 24. Then a jounin/Chu will lead that mission e.t.c like you already explained
  7. im interested!
  8. Could use some rp mission clips, anbu hunts, akatsuki raids and maybe some Mock chunin exams. It's a decent trailer, but dosent show alot besides people on alts.