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  1. So by that logic should the map above mini be danger zone too or the area next from the sand war zone?
  2. But thing is curent war event ... its uneven what i mean its that masteries like tai wm have the bigest advantege ........ and its not like in the curent arena we are not laging a lote becoming unplayebel might as wel give this idea a go
  3. What are mist suposed to do ... wee got no chunin wee got a mia mizukage
  4. Alright i personaly dont like how the slug healing its too random ... so i propose 2 changes: -this is how i sugest it would work the slug will spit healing ooze and to get heald u stay in it heals all vilage members and poisons the enemy if they step on it. -the healing it be some where around 40-60 hp outside of the healing spot it be 2 -4s i.e 1 -2 heals it would last preaty long at 18s and the cd it be 120s not so sure on the cd's it be subject to change. this might make the slug much better imo in raids/grinding bosses
  5. Hye so as most of u know ther was a new weapon introduced its more of a re vamp but u get it ... im refering to poison laced kunai that was a good implemention now i want to sugest some more types. So for starters wee can use Benkei as the main persone to change insted of lab for missing hed get more uses for Benkei for 1 type and the guy from the right of snow wolf map: -The kunai/dagers/knifes from asuma u can simply make it a make over with not much changes or with some more dmg like 4-8 points more so the requierments would be ezyer to get as a example it be 2.500 ryo + 2 dager kunai it be i think the 2nd two bladed weapon it stil be fast and require 10 int stil to get. -The naruto kunai shown in "Naruto shippuden the lost tower" ther was the "Chakra Kunai" it only mimic its loks thou so stil cheaper then the poisn kunai in terms of material as a example 1.500 ryo + 200 kunai + 1 dager kunai and it gain 1-2 tile reach like a sword more or less or nothing special -The Minato kunai baisacly no dmg difrence it only gaint difrent look it be cheaest at only 1000 ryo but its also most unchanged one and ther would be a neutral jutsu that can be added as some people have wanderd "why cant wee have weapons with chakra infusion?" like in the show with asuma as best example/might be only one it be like sensory or fumma and it needs 80 chakra to learn it as int terms of boosts it be every 5 chakra added u get 1-2 dmg (not so sure on the dmg but yh it a boost for medics/wapone maister) and some int users it wouldent be the most broken thing for most people it be a cool adition thats just a idea id like to see more peole sugest this type of thing as ive heard many want it *side note: sorry for the poor speling*
  6. humm wee could make it as poison senbon cast time stun
  7. imo this is hardest to fix ... from my use of it *atempt* in pvp i use it as a shuriken or 3 bullet esencialy sub poper what it neds to make it more usebel it be: -make it do "laturation" the efect from snow wolfs *not more then fire bulets dot* -longer range not by a lot like insted of 7 make it to 8-9 tile -better hit box would be best/most important one making it insta cast it do not that much to it as Lumy said its baisacly cant do much with it
  8. U kow that would hard bcs of copyright soo might not be even posibel
  9. Ooof .... wee must gather ther @Eagly
  10. Thers few times you would think medics arent neded but that be mainly based on the medic's skills ofc thers persones that dont ned them but a majoraty do ned them.