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  1. I don't like it personally. But I think the change is great ^^
  2. I think rory's idea for village jonins is great just wish they weren't at the entrance
  3. I think we should have NPC that allows you to switch between gentle fist and tai. Basically only allowing us to use one of those mastery(Gf/tai) in combat.
  4. uhh
  5. PINKU!?!?! Never heard of him/her
  6. Prove it
  7. Which god?
  8. The reward is getting that temporary S-rank title ^^
  9. Would make killing lowbies a lot more rewarding. Dontcha you think? Like the idea but I think it'll cause more problems because we don't have any punishments for killing lowbies
  10. Sounds abusable. Easy ryo if you have alts/friends that have missing alt with a high kill count. But it does sound nice
  11. What's a Sand?