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  1. Lol hey friends i decided to add some comedic appeal to a Tour of the Land of toads lol, i hope you guys enjoy Come on You have to admit this looks like a pretty tasty Pastry Some of my Friends say i look like Kermit the Frog /cry After hearing that Suitomo hasnt laughed in years, i decided to humor him with a freestyle joking session (10/10 joke) Why do all these hawks remind me of @Hawkly You ever look at your reflection and think, Damn youre handsome asf, and forget what you were even fighting about then come to an understanding yes i have too. Me contemplating what sick bored person who wants to win this competition would come up with these puns I hope you guys enjoyed this little collage lol even if it doesnt win it all i hope it atleast made you Grin, Laugh or Cringe! As always Peace Love and Positvity -Pakuro