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  1. Just remove safe zones all together. In the shinobi world, you're never safe from an attack.
  2. The power of RNG is strong!
  3. New players already die and quit. Bounty should be lost in every zone. It legit makes no sense that you can kill someone and he doesn't lose his bounty.
  4. They were both full str in the tournament with bone swords. It could have gone either way.
  5. There's no need to do it 1-9. Just first few levels, lol. Also agree with Momentum, that kills in safe zones should count. RP-wise, why would it matter if I killed people inside their village or out in a forest?
  6. Ah, and now everyone is cheating in Nin. Players using 3rd party software to attack super fast, DDoSing.. Yikes.
  7. You have lost all credibility. First it's a 3rd party program, and now it's a bug abuse. In case you didn't know, those are 2 completely different things. 1. Bug abusing is a flaw within the game that the programmers/developers have to fix. 2. Using a 3rd party program/software is someone intentionally going into the game to exploit/change/etc to gain advantages. Seeing as Nin is server-sided with pretty much everything (as far as I know), the latter is alot more difficult than you think. Not only is it illegal to hack a server(In most countries), but it's extremely hard. EDIT: This topic should be closed off since DrYukiro has already replied with the intention of GMs looking into it. But hey, just my opinion.
  8. I believe this is nothing more than a cry for the spot. They are 3 of my students leveling, with 2 fans and a medic. I told them to level in that cave since sand doesn't have alot of people, and they can almost always level safely there. Ty for ruining their spot to level and the experience of leveling together. To point it out again, it's not 1 person. It's 3 friends leveling together. But Rory can confirm this with IP checks