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Chapter 1


50 years before Uchiha Madara co-founded the Leaf village, there existed an abundance of smaller niche clans that resided in scattered areas. Amongst these clans, there was one that was known to all and hated by all: the Mubosuru clan (無謀, ‘reckless, lawless, violent’). They were a hostile clan who fought and killed their own brethren, and despite being given chances and chances again, they never learned to live properly with other humans. Living in soil plains, the clan members failed to ever succeed as a coherent group, never working together, never establishing a unique identity for themselves. The careless members pushed and fought their way into obtaining ranks and gaining advantages in their own village. Not a single clan surrounding their perimeter would come to terms with the Mubosuru members due to their lawless actions and hostile way of life. All other clans casted them away whenever an attempt was made by the Mubosuru to cooperate. As a result, the Mubosuru began to garner hatred for all other clans, especially the gifted ones with able eyes and unique jutsu. Jealousy had overwhelmed them. The Mubosuru had nothing. It was at the night of one remembered day, in the Mubosuru clan, when the Gods struck down to their land and cursed them all with an evil jutsu. A jutsu that could only hold back another being. A jutsu that would only help them ultimately destroy their own kin. The village elder seeked the signs seared by the Heavens onto their land:

If killing and deteriorating as humans is all you’re capable of, then nothing shall come in your way.

 ❃ 10 years later ❃

The Mubosuru clan had established a feeble, yet functioning, system for its government. The village elder led their lives to survival if only by bits. Day to day activities included harsh work for ryo for every civilian. If not by the killing from others, it was suicide that resulted in the clan’s decreasing population every year. Living in such conditions with no trade or support from other nations, with an evil eye cast upon them from the heaven, with a clan jutsu that only haltered them from growth, who would want to live any further?


Chapter 2


One night, a man named Kazuo wandered into the forest east of the plain soils. There, he found laying on the ground a tall, pale female with dark navy hair. She was unlike any Mubosuru being who would have brown shaggy hair. Kazuo carefully crept up closer to her, keeping cautious since he had never seen a single human from other clans in his life. She showed no sign of life so he hauled her over his shoulder and carried her to his home. Kazuo avoided being seen by any villager. After recovering her health, he was able to speak to her and learn of her identity: she was an Uchiha. Kazuo, being a Mubosuru, should be feeling the urge to kill her. After all, she was from a gifted clan with the Sharingan, and Kazuo had a perfect chance to taste the blood of an enemy. But he didn’t pick up his knife -- he instead took her in and let her live in his shed.

‘I ran away,’ she said. 

‘You’re now in the plain lands, how did you get so far?’ Kazuo could not fathom why an Uchiha would ever land near the miserable Mubosuru clan.

‘It’s my  clan. The wars for the eyes. It’s too much for me to handle. People are killing each other for  their eyes… for the Sharingan. The unimaginable power.’

‘Killing? Sounds a lot like my clan huh, except the power part. We have none of that here.’ Kazuo sighed.

‘That is fine. I’d like to stay here. I’d like to belong.’
Kazuo tensed his eyes at her request. It was not possible. The other clan members would kill her the moment they’d find out an Uchiha lived with them. But Kazuo kept her identity safe. He dyed her hair brown and assumed her his wife, naming her Itsumi Mubosuru. She then lived as a Mubosuru with Kazuo and worked most of her life to support him and just as she was about to have her first born...


Chapter 3


She was found out. 

Kazuo’s hands were tearing from overworking and as a result of his recent poor performance, he was thrown out of the commissioners’ building where he earned his income. Itsumi heard the yelling from afar, and rushed from village market, running to Kazuo, throwing her food rations on the ground in anger. She picked him up from the ground, but he was knocked out.

‘Such a useless man. No power in his hands,’ remarked the commissioner from the gates. Upon hearing such blasphemy, Itsumi’s hands started trembling, and her heart rate increased. She turned her head to face the commissioner. And by the next second, the commissioner screamed and ran in horror. What he had just seen and witnessed was Itsumi’s Sharingan eyes activated.

The commissioner's body was missing from his expected location and in his place were ashes from a strange unknown fire.

After she was found out, it wasn’t long before the village decided on a life sentence for Kazuo Mubosuru and his wife, Itsumi Uchiha.



Chapter 4


Another day morning, a subordinate of the village elder brought in a man into the cells. The elder asked what crime the man had committed, and the subordinate claimed ‘treachery’. The village elder said ‘very well’, and commanded the subordinate to perform the only jutsu the clan ever knew, Kejiton: Kakusu (ケージ, ‘Cage Style: Darkness Cover’). The very jutsu that was cursed to them by the Gods. The subordinate completed the hand signs of the jutsu and from the ground erupted black bars that strangled the man engulfed him forever. The village elder watched the sight of the man crumble and disappear within the black thick lines. After having seen the jutsu performed countless times, it was still a disgusting sight to behold. ‘When will the day come where we will see a bright light. When will the day come when our only power isn’t there to murder our own clan…’ The village elder, once again, went to the same ground the Gods had planted their message earlier. He stood there and stared in anger at the sky.

‘We have had enough. We have fought and survived your hatred. We have lived as a coherent community for years. Why is it that we are still destined to die as a clan. What do you want from us. What can we possibly do to ask you to make us equal to others.’
The ground signs started to change before his eyes. The Gods were writing another message.


Chapter 5


If you wish to prove your change, sacrifice an innocent to us.

That was the message by the Gods. The village elder stared at the message. They wanted him to give them a member of his clan. An innocent. It was then that village elder devised a plan. 
He called forth Kazuo’s family to the village center. Kazuo and Itsumi were handcuffed and brought in by the elder’s subordinates and were thrown into the center pit, along with all their items and the blanketed baggage that Itsumi held. The villagers began manifesting their hate and threw rocks at the two on the ground. Itsumi was faintly breathing; tears stained all over her face now with blood mixed in from physical harm. Her sounds were fading, she was barely able to respirate. She hadn’t recovered from the child birth and now her body was thrown around, causing her more damage. She wanted to look at her husband one last time, but she couldn't turn her body around. Kazuo laid beside her, his hands were burned, his eyes completely shut. He and Itsumi barely were given no food and no water after they were found out. Kazuo’s face was injured and almost unrecognizable with scars and blood marks. These two had faced punishments worse than death. The village elder finally revealed his decision. 
‘Kazuo committed a crime worse than any we ever dreamed of. This girl here is a foul being in our village.  How dare they live here with us like this, hiding lies.
Mubosuru, today, we take another step to answer the Gods. They have asked us to sacrifice a member of our clan, in return for a brighter future. Bring forth to me, Kazuo.’
A subordinate of the elder walked to Kazuo, but noticed a thick bag laying in front of his path beside Itsumi. He raised the bag in front of everyone and spread the covers wide to reveal an infant in the blanket. The village elder widened his eyes in shock. 
‘We- we cannot have that baby in our village. A child of the Uchiha and Mubosuru cannot exist!’
The subordinate carried the baby to the elder.  The elder scrutinized the standing villagers and announced, ‘we will sacrifice this baby in place of Kazuo and let the two rot in jail. You may all leave, and await for midnight to receive our Gods’ gift.’


Chapter 6


‘Kazuo…’ Itsumi’s eyes finally opened. Her body laid there at the same spot, and it was now 11pm. She crawled over to Kazuo through her injuries and bleeding. ‘Kazuo…’ She could barely see through the night time darkness.

‘What did they do to you’.
Kazuo’s mouth finally opened. ‘Curse… this clan. You should have never come here, Itsumi…’
Itsumi attempted a smile through her tears. ‘How else would I have met you.’

‘Itsumi… this clan was never destined to last… and now our chil--’

‘Where... did they take my baby? What did they do?!’ Itsumi’s scream silenced.

Earlier in the day, the elder held the baby’s little body to the sky and offered it to the Gods. The infant body faded away.


Chapter 7


The baby’s body propelled itself into the heaven, past the sky, past the whites, past the blues, past the blacks. The baby’s body reached a zone a man had never laid foot on. He was now at the land of Gods. The baby’s body floated slowly and descended into the garden of the shrine. Suijin (God of Water) noticed him while watering her evergreen plants. ‘What is this…--’ she turned out and ran to Ninigi (Grandson God). She knew he must have wrote another reckless message to humans. ‘Ninigi, who is that human in our shrines?’ Ninigi hid behind his Grandmother, Amaterasu (Goddess of the Sun). ‘It-it wasn’t me. I didn’t do anything.’ Amaterasu pulled Ninigi from behind her back, and spoke, ‘You know it’s forbidden to let humans into our world, Ninigi. Now go to Susanoo (God of Storms) and consult him on how to return the human back to his world--’

‘I can’t’, Ninigi interrupted her. ‘His people were about to kill him. His parents are near death. The society he’s from… they’re a dangerous killer bunch. They kill for food and commodities.  They live on blood spilled soil every day. I cursed them with Keijin Jutsu (Cage Arts) and they still do not learn. After years now, I tested their knowledge and wisdom. I asked them for a sacrifice… It was a test... And they failed. Instead of giving me their village elder, the village elder himself selfishly chose this baby.’ Amaterasu watched Ninigi explain the story in agony and sighed. ‘Fine then... if the village won’t learn with words, show them what Good is. What Good can do. Take this boy to the one and only Kuninotokotachi (God of Earth and also Primordial God of the Universe) and let Kuninotokotachi train him.’ 

‘Kunin-sama??? Are you sure the human will be able to handle that?’

‘The human will learn how it is to suffer under pain and persevere.’
Ninigi giggled with delight and ran outside. He took the human infant and whispered in its ears, ‘You will have a future, little one. You’ll be given a chance. For something… Oh and I’ll name you myself. You will be called Hao (ハオ, ‘Good’) from now on. Now let’s bring you to our God of the Universe.’


Chapter 8


❃ 5 years later ❃
‘Hey, Ninigi! It’s my break time. I’m back from the training!’ Hao took a sip from his bottle and ran towards Ninigi who was peeking down through clouds.

‘Look there, Hao, down there,  that area is your clan,’ Ninigi showed Hao, and pointed to a spot on Earth.

‘Ah. Looks alright.’ Hao, now 5 years old, seemed uninterested in examining Earth. 

‘You don’t want to see?’

‘It’s not that I don’t want to see. It’s that I don’t understand… I don’t understand humans. I don’t understand Earth. I’m fine here where I am.’
Ninigi hesitated in his response, ‘you… know that you’ll eventually be returning to Earth, right, Hao?’

‘And return to a place where the beings fight each other for a shelter? Where blood is not a rare sight and people get killed for differences in opinion? Ninigi you’ve told me all the stories of Earth. You can’t tell me I should be excited to go back.’
Ninigi sighed and patted Hao, ‘us Gods fight, too, Hao. Arguments… Differences… these things exist everywhere. You have to return to Mubosuru clan and live with them. All you can do is prepare yourself for it. You cannot stay here with me and Kunin-sama, as much as we’d like you to stay.’

‘Ha, Kunin-sama isn’t exactly easy either, Ninigi.’

‘That is Ninigi kami san to you! I’m still a God.’

‘Alright, alright, Ninigi Kami-san. Anyway, the training Kunin-sama is giving me is beyond painful… it’s excruciating. If you went through the same training, I commend you. The pain is immense.’

‘That’s exactly why we chose Kunin-sama to train you. Not Amaterasu-sama. Kunin-sama is tougher. He… teaches you what pain and endurance is.’

‘I can’t imagine living in Earth being harder than living daily with Kunin-sama’s training--’
Ninigi interrupted Hao, ‘oh it’s worse. Earth is worse. The suffering… it’s cruel.’

‘Ninigi…’ Hao closed his eyes. ‘Who were my parents… It’s about time you answer this if we’re already talking about Earth.’

‘I can’t answer that right now, Hao.’

‘Can you at least tell me one thing?’
Ninigi turned to face Hao, ‘what is it…’

‘Are they alive?’



Chapter 9


❃ 10 more years later ❃
‘Hao child,’ Kuninotokotachi called forth Hao from his chambers. ‘The procedure is done. Today. It is the day you’ll show me what you have learned.’
Hao woke up wide away and hauled himself off the bed, ‘y-yes, Kunin kami-sensei.’

‘Step out into the grounds, I will return in 3 minutes.’ Kuninotokotachi left Hao’s shelter and stood before Izanagi (The Forefather of all Gods) and Amaterasu (Goddess of Sun).

‘Sorry for the delay. I will send the child back to Earth today.’ He said, facing the back of Izanagi.
Izanagi, who was turned away from the rest as he was facing the window, replied, ‘very well, Kunin. Will you leave something in him?’


‘I’m READY to show you my training so far, Kunin Kami-samaaa!’ Hao yelled from outside. 
Ninigi appeared from behind his grandmother again, and stepped towards them. ‘Grandmother Amaterasu and Kunin-sama, and lastly, my lord Izanagi-sama, thank you three for letting him stay here for the time that he did.’ Ninigi was the youngest of the Gods, and Hao was the first person he could relate to due to their common age. ‘I’ll miss Hao.’

Kuninotokotachi stepped outside and faced Hao. 

‘So what do you want me to show you first, Kunin kami-sama???’ Hao waved his hands in excitement. Kuninotokotachi closed his eyes and looked down, speaking a cast under his breath.

‘Huh?...’ Hao squinted his eyes.

‘Hanasu! (放す, ‘release’)’ Kuninotokotachi spawned a hole beneath Hao, leading to Earth.

‘What?... No--’ Hao gasped and his body did what it did before, and began to float and descend beneath. ‘NO, Ninigi stop me, Kunin-sama please! Ninigi! Anyone? I'm not ready for this! Please. NINIGII-...’ Hao’s words began to lose volume as he dropped down, down to the blacks, down to the blue skies, down past the clouds, down to the Earth’s blood filled soil.


Chapter 10


‘What did he mean “show me what you’ve learned today”?... How can I show him? Is this part of it?’ Hao’s feet touched Earth’s surface and a jolt of a strange phenomenon hit his body. This wasn’t a dream-like land like where he grew up in. This was the earth where he was born, where he is supposed to be. This is the reality. The years past were a gift granted to him. A gift granting him a chance at life. 
‘Chance at life… no. 
No, no, it’s more than that. It’s not just a chance to live.’ Hao pondered while experiencing solid ground for the first time. He walked awkwardly across the grass field, glancing back and forth in an attempt to decipher where he was dropped. ‘Now I’m here, to live here. Where humans live and die. Was I really living before?’
He continued walking straight and arrived at an area with markings on the ground. The etched marks appeared to be seared into the soil. ‘What is this? “If killing and deteriorating as humans is all you’re capable of, then nothing shall come in your way. If you wish to prove your change, sacrifice an innocent to us?” Is this a memorial?’ The curiosity won, and Hao knelt down and brushed his hands through the burned text. ‘This isn’t a human’s doing, is it? Can humans use fire with such aptitude already?’

‘Who’re you? I’ve never seen you child. What’s your name?’ An approx. 40 years old male approached Hao from afar, startling Hao in the process. 

‘Uh- ah, I’m Hao. If you could be so kind, could you tell me where I am?’

‘ ... ’ The elder male furrowed his brows, ‘an intruder huh. What’s your clan? And why are you here? Don’t make any quick moves, I have the advantage here. Don’t--’

‘Hold on, I am being genuine. Where am I? I- uh… just woke up from a long sleep and-’

‘Is that supposed to be funny?’ The man pulled out his spear and readied its position, holding the tip in the direction of Hao. ‘I’m arresting you. You have no reason to be in Mubosuru clan’s village.’

‘Mubosuru clan…’ Hao’s eyes froze.

‘Yes, you’re not welcome at Mubosuru clan. Why don’t you leave right now, and I’ll pretend I didn’t see you, hm?’

‘My parents…’

‘H-hm?’ The man’s hands started shaking. He never needed to harm anyone in his life and this was looking like danger to him. He gripped his spear tightly. ‘What do you mean, whose parents, explain.’
Hao’s eyes stayed strained. Emotions surged through him as he recalled Ninigi telling him that his background is Mubosuru clan, and that his parents are still alive, but it’s been 10 years since. 
‘Mubosuru clan. Tell me where my parents are.’

‘Who-who are your parents? Their names- Listen, I don’t want to hurt you, boy. You better go before others arrive, too.’ The man began sweating with anxiety. Hao didn’t look quite normal to him.

‘Too late.’


Chapter 11


Strong shuffling was heard from behind the man. Hao tilted his head casually, and made out the vague figures to be 3 more men approaching, one of which had a long robe. 

‘Too late, I guess you have back up now,’ Hao said in a bitter voice. ‘More people to answer my question.’
The man gulped and stepped back, taking refuge behind the village elder and the subordinates that now stood before Hao. He deemed Hao to have unusually high confidence for a teenager.

‘Keiko, who is this boy?’ The elder halted a few meters before Hao and inquired from the whimpering man.

‘Elder-sama, it’s-it’s, uh, he’s a 15 year old boy looking for his parents. He’s not from around here.’

‘This is the Mubosuru clan, and I’ve gathered that you’re the elder here. I was born here but taken away… taken away because of ‘suffering’ and ‘eternal pain’ which I don’t believe--’

‘You don’t know the half of it, boy. Agony, misery, pain… this is all we know. The Mubosuru clan is fated to struggle, to dwindle, to kill itself. I’ve guided this clan to survival and I’ve lived through it all. I’ve seen the pain, I’ve undergone it. Even the heavens forsook us,’ asserted the elder.

‘The heavens?... What are you talking about? Where are my parents. It’s been 15 years.’

‘Who the hell are you to question our elder? Talk to us first! 15 years ago was when we sacrificed our very own men to a promise for the Gods and they lied to us!’ One of the elder’s subs stepped forward, with a knife in his closed fist. ‘Kid, it seems like you got strong arms.’ He spins the knife between his fingers and charges steadily at Hao. ‘You’re definitely from a clan blessed by the Gods. A clan with power and dignity. A clan with a name. A CLAN WITH PEACE—’

‘Lightning Style: Triple Lightning Spear,’ shortly after Hao’s last word, concentrated lightning streaks spawned from his hand, and sprayed into 3 ways, piercing the knives in all the men facing him, shocking them all momentarily. The lightning teared apart the metals and returned to Hao’s hands before the men’s bodies could begin their surprised and fluttering reaction.


Chapter 12


‘L-lightning s-s-s-style? Already at 15 years? This boy-’ The whimpering man whimpered some more as his knees couldn’t support his weak body any more and dropped him to the pavement.

‘Shut up, Keiko! Tsch, this boy is gifted, that’s all. I can still take him-’

‘Enough,’ the elder exclaimed. ‘Hao, state your parents’ names. I assure you they could not possibly belong…’

‘Kazuo Mubosuru and Itsumi Uchiha,’ Hao answered, sheathing his motioned hand back down to his side. 

‘How… is that possible…’ The Elder stumbled backwards. ‘How did this happen- you were supposed to be…’

‘I was supposed to be the ‘men’ you sacrificed?’

‘Your parents… They’re in the community jail… gackk—.’ An Onyx black bar engulfed in smokey fumes extruded from the soil and cleaved through the elder’s neck, spewing his blood all over his own body. ‘What in the w-w-world… are you…’ The elder’s eyes desperately tried to look at Hao closely, but he could barely speak, his body was losing all its blood, and more mushy blood was still gurgling from his mouth and pierced neck. The men beside him all froze in awe. 
‘Ah… I-I get it…ehck-’ the elder smiled, his eyes slowly closing for good. ‘I get it now…’
Hao resorted to a crouched state and receded back one step, not aware of what caused the black rod to emerge from the ground.

‘I understand… 15 years ago, I sent you to heaven to get a gift back… ggchk-... that gift… is you. Coming back,’ the Elder exclaimed in his dying voice. ‘I… This is my doing, this is what I get for killing Itsum-’
Multiple more spikes grew from the dirt and flew into the elder’s body, crushing all his organs.
Hao’s pupils instantly numbed upon hearing the elder’s last words.


More chapters coming soon.