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  1. I don't mind if the server is down for bug fixes and good stuff, but i miss that forum chat at times like this Q.Q
  2. Can i get early access?
  3. Art

    First thing first welcome back and keep going!!! I have few things to say/ask... Is that just me or that tai punch animation is just too long? Tai should be fast fighting style and with so long animation tai users are quite vulnerable if they miss enemy. And is that eye scope going to have some function or it's going to be just esthetic thing? And one more thing i really interested on how is chunnin team system going to work since not everyone have the same gmt. All in all i'm glad to see some progress
  4. good work Seth, and is that pvp on/off button fixed now or my eyes are lying me 0_0
  5. open for 2~3 months 0_0 yayyyy!!!!
  6. Art

    damn it, i miss killing those worms and good update!
  7. Feature

    good work Abhi and Seth, keep it going!!!
  8. everyone is allowed to play OPEN alpha test... and they won't completely finish this game so soon... they will probably need few years from now on to finish it, if i'm not wrong
  9. wow... nice edition, especially this face direction idea i like it but the thing is that home, page down, end and delete buttons are not placed the same on all devices (on my laptop it's completely messed up) so there should be option to change some controls imo PS: this should be on loading screen while accessing the game
  10. Here is another one. My version of lost shinobi ^^
  11. What do you think?
  12. I'll give it a try
  13. Thanks for answering so rapidly Rory, I asked because.... well no one cares, anyway good luck with project...
  14. Really interesting story. I'm happy because u continued with this project and I can say that u made great progress by now. Can i ask u one question? What program are u using for making ninonline? And one thing. Happy anniversary NINONLINE!!!
  15. Music

    Oh great. Now i'm officially studying with those melodies ^-^