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Character drawn by @Sezu <3 

"When you point your sword at somebody, you kill them or they kill you. End of story."

"You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain."

Hageshi Hinode

Status: Active

Personality: Quiet and laid back, but tries to stay focused, loyal and friendly to most, likes to start fights between his enemies and manipulate people from the shadows.

Age: 16

Born : 28th of February in an unknown village in the Land of Fire

Residence: Konohagakure 

Clan: Hinode - None

Rank: Genin

Mesteries: WM/WIND - a Samurai

Weapons: The Twin Fangs and a Religious Katana, skilled with traps and explosives

Weakness/Skills: Weaker in 1 on 1 fights - Skilled in ambush, spying, infiltration, laying traps and support in group fights

Organization(s): Ex-ANBU Elite - Not a member of an organization currently

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 Another sunny day in the Hidden Leaf village Konohagakurea little boy with the name of Hageshi has just entered through the gates, he has been sent here to serve the Hokage since the clan that he comes from is sworn to the Daimyo to send young children to the Hidden Leaf village and train them as Shinobi... Hageshi is supposed to meet a person here that'll teach him ninjutsu, but since he has already learned swordsmanship from the village he comes from so he is looking forward to combining those two. After he graduated from the Shinobi academy and officially became a Genin he went on looking for a swordsman named Tameshi Hinode since he is a leader of a branch of the clan that sent him to this village. After doing his first missions as a Genin and getting a fresh new sword he went to the training grounds where he was supposed to meet that swordsman. After a long day of training and Tameshi explaining how ninjutsu works he offered Hageshi to join him in rebuilding the new branch of his clan, Hinode, he accepted the invitation… And that’s how this adventure begins… 


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 Being part of Hinode he met a lot of new people and made lifelong friends, some friends he can even call brothers of his… The clan was mostly formed of new Shinobi still in training so most of the time they were doing missions and practice together, still they didn’t get too absorbed in it because most of them were young and wanted to enjoy their time, they loved visiting the neighboring village of Tanzaku where they gambled and relaxed at the bar. Hageshi in particular was laid back as usual but understood what the clan meant for his family, so he strived to do his best for it and not long after a meeting held by Tameshi he was promoted as the third clan Elder alongside Yamamoto and Kotaro and becoming the fourth member of the Hinode council, the main reason is his many contributions to the clan, he is always there to help everyone no matter who and with what. New members were being accepted into the clan one after the other and he was tasked with training them, even if most of them didn’t stick for long he still grew a habit of helping young people learn ninjutsu and that will be with him throughout his whole life. Hageshi and his clanmates had many adventures, both good and bad ones, but no matter what he never let down his new “family” …


Memories of  HINODE:



First Group Photo.png

Creation of Hinoce


First official meeting 






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One stormy night, Hageshi and Yamamoto were sent on a mission together to take care of two sand shinobi in the dark forests south of the village. They were forced to split up and Hageshi faced off against a fierce fan user known by the name Viper… The battle was long and intense but after several hours of those two exchanging blows the battle is finally over… The two are both laying on the ground covered with cuts and bruises, it’s a draw. After getting up they were done with the fight, but a promise was made – they will fight again, and that was the start of a lifelong rivalry but also a troublesome and strong friendship. A few days later Hageshi got a message from Viper saying the he has left behind Sunagakure and joined the Sand Pirates and became a rogue… The first time Hageshi actually became friends with a rogue shinobi was when he decided to join Tameshi for a glass of sake and that's when he met Kekiro and they became close friends that still share sake and gamble together to this day.


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Until now Hageshi hasn’t really experienced the feeling of love, mostly because he is too young but he is also not interested in it at all, the most he will do is just glance over the kunoichi around Tanzaku since the only girls he is close to are his “sisters” from HinodeBut one day he was sent out on a mission to kill the fearsome Glacier Bear and since it was too much of a burden for him, he asked his friend Kekiro for help. When they arrived at the cave and waited for the beast to show up however, from the shadows a shinobi jumped out and attacked Hageshi, it was a young kunoichi seemingly from Sunagakure, he just wanted to finish off his mission so he didn’t have any intention to fight back and also she didn’t look very experienced so Hageshi convinced her that he Is no enemy. She had the same mission as him so the kunoichi from Sunagakure  and the young shinobi from Konohagakure decided to work together and after a few hours they completed it, Kekiro had other work to do so he left the two on their own and since they had some free time they decided to visit Tanzaku together and chat for a while, it turns out that the kunoichi’s name is Angelik Date the daughter of Itama Date and the princess of Sunagakure at that time… Hageshi was both shocked and impressed that he is still alive in her presence. After the two shared some sake they became quite close and a strong bond and friendship was made between them. Even if he knew that they were enemies and can’t be together Hageshi had a very strange feeling about that kunoichi… a feeling he thought he will never feel as a shinobi, especially towards someone who is supposed to be his enemy… He was feeling love, and that feeling is about to bring him a lot of headaches…

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As Hageshi trained and grew stronger he also grew more and more attached to his home, Konohagakure. He got to know every person there, some he became friends with and others he wanted to forget about immediately. But no matter how much he enjoyed being there Hageshi couldn’t help but have that feeling in the back of his head… That he doesn’t belong there. On his many adventures outside the village he had the chance to explore the outside world, learn about other villages and meet new people like Viper, that meant he also got attached to them as well. That made him feel split in two, he had his family and friends in Konohagakure, but also, he had his other friends outside his home village. Hageshi had to break the rules just so he can meet his friends… That made him feel bad and sometimes got him into a lot of trouble. Then one day, a group of his rogue friends called him to go out with them on a “hunt”, Hageshi was bored and didn’t have any work that day so he didn’t think much before accepting the offer. At that time the Sand and the Leaf village were still in a war so Hageshi refused to fight his fellow villagers so they headed out to Sunagakure. They killed some weak shinobi while disguised, it was pretty quiet even for the Sand village, then… They spotted that a Leaf shinobi was running towards them, they were disguised but Hageshi had no intention to harm him so he backed out and let his friends have fun while he was watching out for Sand ninja from behind. Just as expected a Sand shinobi is approaching the group from behind, Hageshi stops him from interfering with the fight between the rogues and the Leaf however in the heat of the battle he uses a sword technique called Wild Slashes which cuts everything in a specific radius and this was the mistake that Hageshi regrets the most in his life because while fighting the Sand shinobi, the Leaf ninja tried attacking him and got hit by the sword technique… Hageshi landed the final blow that killed his fellow villager… He was furious and ever since that day he never went out on a “hunt” with his rogue friends, but instead thought of leaving the village himself and becoming rogue. He shared those thoughts with his family and especially Tameshi and Kotaro, they finally changed his mind and for that reason he is still a Leaf shinobi to this day… but those thoughts never left his mind…  


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Words good enough to express true love will never exist,

And the story of how this love came to be shall only be written and heard  only in our hearts.

I love you. 



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Late night, clear sky, that’s when Hageshi received a letter from the Hokage, Vali. The letter basically was a message for Hageshi to go and meet him in his office for some talk. As Hageshi entered the the office and sat down Vali asked him a few simple question about his goals in the village and what he thinks about it, long story short Hageshi’s answers seemed to please the Hokage and in a few quick hand signs both of them vanished from the office and teleported in a never before seen secret room. A shadowy figure wearing a black hooded robe and a unique animal-like mask was standing next to a table in front of him, and next to that figure was Vali, at first Hageshi was extremely nervous and didn’t know if he was going to be punished or what. The figure spoke, he introduced himself as the leader of the top-secret shadow organization tasked with protecting the village and serving the Hokage, ANBU and his “name” was Keshi. Keshi and Vali explained to the young genin in detail how the organization functions and what it’s purpose is, and after a short while Keshi offered him the invitation for the organization, Hageshi at that moment could barely hold back his excitement, that was his dream ever since the first day he heard about it. A few seconds of silence passed by which felt like hours and Hageshi finally spoke, his answer was obvious, he accepted with honor even if his voice was shaky. After Hageshi agreed to the simple condition of keep his identity and anything concerning the organization a strict secret, he was welcomed to the Headquarters where most of the members were expecting him. Keshi briefly introduced him to everyone and toured him around HQ. Hageshi spent 4 months in ANBU serving the Elite squad, and the squad captain Kurôbâ. He swore his upmost loyalty to the organization and the village then… but one day it all changed. Hageshi… just left.

Memories from the organization:

After event.pngIn the snow.png

Picture taken after an ANBU event                                 Picture taken on a mission hosted by Keshi


Ayame - Hageshi - 23/05/2019-19/09/2019


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=coming soon=

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-Work in Progress-

Everything here is a subject to change in the near future.

Thank you for reading!