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Hello there!

I am Yori Muto, from the Muto clan residing in the Hidden Leaf village. Originally, my family hailed from the Stone, but due to... "complications" and "disagreements," my mother, Chihiro and father Takuya, hid away in the Leaf village to raise a family. They settled down and had three children: two twin girls (myself and my sister Kurai) , and one boy (my younger brother Hideki).

All seemed at peace, until my grandfather, Daichi, a mad genius obsessed with cloning and body modification and a bastard child to my cousin clan, the Hyugas, tried to kidnap me and my siblings. His goal was to take Hyuga DNA predominantly inside of my brother, (although, none of us knew he had unlocked his kekai genkai, the Byakugan) and transfer the cells to himself and others. My father and my mother managed to stop him, but at a cost of their lives in the process, and Daichi getting away (without one of his eyes mind you).

Soon after the bloody mess, my aunt Tenshi (Takuya's sister) and uncle Izanagi (Chihiro's brother) took us in and raised us in the way of the ninja. Our grandfather has tried, but failed one other time, taking yet another life from us, our uncle. However, my brother rose above myself and my sister, permanently blinding the man. He got away once more and we never saw or heard from him again. Maybe he's dead? 

However, all we know is, we still have each other at the end of the day, and we will never stop working hard towards our goals of being the best. I have even taken up the example my mother laid before me. The Muto clan in the Stone, was heavily known for their medical justsu, and even the legendary Sanin, Lady Tsunade's tactics were rumored to have been taught by among my clan.

I intend to surpass every medical ninja, and once I had put down my headband and suturing needles, I want to pass on my techniques to my children, their children, and to the children of the Leaf. Although I am thrust on to the battlefield time and time again, I would love to retain a high status among hospitals and offices. I have so much to learn and am eager for every opportunity, developing antidotes, healing patients, and using my ninjutsu to walk the path of the good and selfless.