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The Untold Story of 3 Lucky Sevens

CHAPTER ONE: Slot machine fixation.

It all started not to long ago when Nobuo was just a young shinobi doing low rank missions to make a name for himself! One day he got a delivery mission. He was to deliver a package from the village hidden in the leaf all the way to the Tanzaku castle head quarters. Now since this was Nobuo first time doing this mission he asked around the village for some guidance. After asking and asking and getting no help Nobuo decided it was time to leap from the nest and try to fly like an eagle. Since Nobuo was so young and untrained getting to Tanzaku unscratched was going to be a challenge! Knowing what troubles might lay ahead Nobuo took off as fast as he could run with his head on a swivel keeping an eye out for any enemies. To his luck he made it with only taking a slight sting by a hornet. Once he made it inside he was relieved that nothing harmful crossed his path. Once in Tanzaku Nobuo began looking around for a castle he thought to him self- "This shouldn't take long to find I mean its a castle I'm looking for" and shortly after that thought crossed his mind the castle appeared in all its glory, but Nobuo was tired from all the running and energy he used getting to Tanzaku safely. After dropping off the package Nobuo was so tired he figured it was best to rest in Tanzaku through the night and wait until sunrise to head home to his village. Upon searching for a place to rest Nobuo came across a building so lit up with bright neon signs with the numbers 77 on the door way. The curiosity of Nobuo's evil side got the best of him and he entered the building which ended up being a casino room filled with slot machines. Once he made his way in he talked to the casinos owner Takabe who told him that the red slot machines were the luckiest tonight and with as little as 5 ryo he could become a millionaire!