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Five generations ago a man born of Hinode went off to the mountains after a great war and there he built up a new family an off-branch family of Hinode called Hakunari. Time passed and five generations later the Hakunari were faced with a danger that drew closer to their home place. A certain couple decided to prepare a casket, put a baby into it and let it drift off in the river hopefully to find a safer place to be taken care of and grow up.
As fate has decided. A certain Hinode spotted the drifting casket along the river and picked it up. The person took the baby in and thus he became re-united with his old blood again, a Hakunari now back to it's roots, The Hinode.

This child grew up being very interested and curious about a lot of things. He spent his time a lot inside, reading books, learning and practicing. He would become very interested in strategy, tactics and history. Now as he has become of age, he, Yamamoto Takeshi Hinode serves under Tameshi Hinode for the benefits of the Leaf and the Hinode clan.

Chapter 1: Vision


The story unfolds when Yama was nine years old. His adopted mother was a beautiful woman with white hair that dragged down to her thighs. She was a very peaceful and warm mother, Yama would take a lot after her. Contrary to the father.  @Kotaro Hinode the legitimate son of the two takes a lot from his father, that is; he is high tempered and hot headed but also a very skillful warrior.

It was a cold early evening and Yama was dilly dallying in the outskirts. A certain change in the weather was brewing and soon the area was covered in fog, it is unclear whether it was a fog or a mist, one thing was certain: It was so thick, Yama couldn't see beyond 3 meters. He got lost and as he was wandering, trying to find the way back home, he fell down a cliff. Now deeper inside the mist he could barely see and lay still at the spot where he fell. Slowly he would feel exhaustion and lightheaded. He fell unconscious on the spot.  As he lay there, he began to see vivid images and visions in his mind and fogginess followed by weird windy noises mixed with a human's voice. In the distance he saw a shadow or a figure of a person, then, more shadows would appear and behind them massive outlines of shapes would appear.....and then it dissipated away into the fog. Emotions would then swell up. At first he felt extreme rage and anger, then; it would convert to sadness and grief, then, happiness and joy until it would stop at a bitter sweet feeling for a few minutes only to repeat the cycle again. While this was going on in his mind, his physical body would twist and turn in agony. 

Few hours pass and the mist would dissipate. Kotaro, his brother, would find him laying right beneath the cliff he fell. Kotaro picked him up and took him to the river bank where the mother had been searching for him. They brought Yama home and the next morning he would wake up. Still with these weird emotions lingering and the sense of bitter sweetness.
The mother, hearing him woken up, rushes into his room.  
"Takeshi! Are you alright..... I've been so worried, what happened to you? The mist got so thick last night and.....and we found you unconscious and bruised up on the ground. We were so lucky to have Kotaro spot you." she said with a nervous and worrisome voice.
"Ah.... Mother. It's alright I just got a bit lost in the mist and fell down. I-I just need to rest a little, I'll be up in a bit, fresh and fully awakened!" Yama said with a smile but a bit of a sad tone in his voice as he was still feeling the effects of the vision and the lingering emotion of bitter sweetness.

Everything went back to normal and the mysterious fog hasn't appeared for years. Yama would go back to his daily life and childhood.....But these visions and emotions he experienced that day, he would surely remember it and he would keep it a secret for now....


.........................to be continued 









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