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Five generations ago a man born of Hinode went off to the mountains after a great war and there he built up a new family an off-branch family of Hinode called Hakunari. Time passed and five generations later the Hakunari were faced with a danger that drew closer to their home place. A certain couple decided to prepare a casket, put a baby into it and let it drift off in the river hopefully to find a safer place to be taken care of and grow up.
As fate has decided. A certain Hinode spotted the drifting casket along the river and picked it up. The person took the baby in and thus he became re-united with his old blood again, a Hakunari now back to it's roots, The Hinode.

This child grew up being very interested and curious about a lot of things. He spent his time a lot inside, reading books, learning and practicing. He would become very interested in strategy, tactics and history. Now as he has become of age, he, Yamamoto Takeshi Hinode serves under Tameshi Hinode for the benefits of the Leaf and the Hinode clan.


.........................to be continued