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  1. Heh, Happy happy family huh, well sorry to interrupt it but it was necessary since some guys kept associating me with Hinode, so here's an announcement for those who still don't know about it, This, Mogui has left Hinode and Midori Ken(their multi-gaming society) for quite sometime now, so please stop associating me with them.
  2. I have only this screenshot from way back then. When I was still a member of Hinode. "Sometimes you don't miss the person but the memories you made with them."
  3. Oof. Mist Here I Come.
  4. It will surely be a nice change.
  5. I've been suffering from same problem.


  6. I'm having some problems with chat system. So I have a suggestion for the chat. First and foremost I would love to see an easier way to toggle between varieties of chat such as using the Tab key to toggle the kinds of chat you can use and second there must be an option to transmit messages without using aviary to a large group For Example: Using something along the leaf members in terms of emergencies can use a scroll to transmit messages to only leaf villagers and it can only be a single time use/carry scroll.This should be some changes I would love to see in the chat system. Regards:Móguǐ huángdì
  7. So I want to add another question. Do we get XP from RP2 or RP3 Tokens before the required levels and another question is that if we lost the Token and didn't get XP from it, Can we get it again? Regards:Móguǐ huángdì
  8. Hinode is likely to become a powerful clan and I'd like to become a part of it and see it's Glory Regards : Móguǐ huángdì