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  1. I was grinding snow wolves, and after dying, I was running back, and saw this. I've never seen it before (probably because I don't usually leave rain areas). But on a side note, as another weather issue, I've had snow just kind of freeze sometimes. I'm assuming that happens when the weather cycle is supposed to end.
  2. I've been attempting this for a while with the help of this thread however I have noticed some slight errors. All the greens are right, but I found 2 or 3 of the danger tiles that are mislabeled. I apologize if this post might be a little redundant, but I just want it to be as accurate as possible for other players. I will continue to edit this post as I find discrepancies.
  3. If you've still got room, I'd love to join. This sounds super cool, and I'd love to see where it goes.
  4. Thank you for allowing me to join the clan. It is an honor to be accepted, and I shall strive to better both the Hinode and the Leaf to the best of my ability.