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Name: Hinode Boko

Clan: Hinode


The Sun Will Rise.


It’s a new dawn of ninja and I'll be the worst


Hinode Boko is a genin of the leaf and he had a pet duck that he loved very much. His name was Charlie. One day he lost his duck. He looked in the forests and all over. Untill he found a wolf mauling it. Boko decided to take revenge so he started to train. He blotted out his own clan and one day he bumped into a guy named @Alarnin He then realized that theres more to life than revenge. He now aspires to be part of the ANBU black ops after catching a glimpse of the group. After killing the wolf Boko felt empty and he is still like this today.


Academy Life:

Boko in the academy had no friends. He was alone. He was an orphan. He then had anger and fustration to everyone around him. He was supported by his clan who noticed he was down. He still pushed them away. After this his grandfather and elder of the clan @Yamamoto Takeshi helped him and he got better.  After the day his grandfather died Boko became a ninja. And his journey started


Boko has a crush on: ???

When I die in the animation of the Hinode Manga I want this to play: